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Dates with Bone

180 gr.
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Buy Dates with Bone: an authentic Spanish dessert

The date is the fruit of the Phoenix palm, commonly known as date palm. It is a sweet snack which is perfect to be introduced in your recipes or just to eaten at any time of the day.

It is brown has an oval shape. These dates are a source of energy and fibre and, they are characterized because of its bones.

Characteristics of the Dates with Bone

Mainly, there is important to highlight that the dates come from the Phoenix palm, commonly known as date palms. It is brown and rough in appearance and has bone. Although we have as well dates without bone

This fruit is consumed in different parts of the world, especially in Spain, where it is used in the traditional baking because of its sweet taste. It can work almost as natural sweetener thanks to this sweet taste.

The dates forms part of the group of the dried fruits as the grapes or apricots, but the main difference is that dates with bone dries in the plant. 

As a rule, dates with bone has a high percentage of sugar (nearly 80%), so they are considered as a rich source of energy.

Characteristics of the Dates with Bone

As it is a fruit naturally dried, provides a high nutritional value since reduces the amount of water and increases its nutrients. 

The dates also provide fibre and minerals as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

  • Help to prevent the constipation. 
  • Regulate intestinal activity. 
  • Reduce cholesterol 
  • High source of energy, that is why it is recommended for athletes. 

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180 gr. net weight 

Packed in hermetic box

Frit Ravich

Frit Ravich
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180 gr.
Deglet Nour dates, glucose syrup, emulsifier (E420ii) and preservative (E202).
May contain peanuts and nuts.
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Dates with Bone