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Elvers Surimi with Garlic

115 gr.
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Buy the spectacular Elvers Surimi with garlic online

Buying the spectacular Elvers Surimi with garlic online is possible. A special aperitif for any time of the day and suitable for all palates, even the most exquisite.

The Elvers Surimi with garlic is a ready-made fish preserve, obtained from the production of white fish meat. Canned La Fragua.

Buy Elvers Surimi with garlic prepared for special moments

The Elvers Surimi with garlic and a drizzle of oil is the special appetizer for you. The elvers surimi that Gastronomic Spain offers you are already cooked and canned eels. Perfect for opening, serving and enjoying a good fish such as elver surimi. Also available other surimi products at a good price.

Do you have to prepare a dinner for your friends? Feel free to serve elvers surimi with garlic from La Fragua. Your guests will be delighted with this incredible delicacy and you will become a host that few will forget.

What is elver surimi?

To explain what is the elvers surimi, we must go by parts. In the first place, the elver is the name given to the eel fingerling fish, a very rare fish that causes its high cost.

As a result of the market circumstances, the eel surimi originated. The elvers surimi is obtained from the white meat of the fish. It is much cheaper and is just as delicious.

Our selvers surimi with garlic is a preserve that is prepared to be heated and ready for consumption.

Forget about dirtying the kitchen and leave your friends with their mouths open.

Garlic surimi recipe

1. We will remove the surimi elvers from the package, leaving them on a plate.

2. The garlic clove will be filleted and put in a pan with oil over low heat. It should be golden brown.

3. Once the garlic is browned, we will add the gulas for a very short time, since they only need to be heated and soaked in the oil and garlic.

4. Serve. It is typical to serve in a clay pot.

5. Enjoy.

If you are interested in elver surimi, as well as other canned surimi such as La Gula del Norte, Gastronomic Spain is your ideal online store to complete your pantry.

And if you are interested in other appetizers, other sea preserves or even a typical Spanish dish, Gastronomic Spain offers you the largest variety of Spanish food with shipments throughout Europe.

* From Gastronomic Spain we recommend keeping in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated for a maximum of 2-3 days.

115 gr. net weight

50 gr. drained weight

can of surimi of eel with garlic

La Fragua

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Data sheet

115 gr.
Surimi [Alaska pollock (fish), water, potato starch, cornstarch, flavor enhancer: E-621, stabilisers: E-407, E-410 and E-415, salt, sunflower oil, cephalopod ink (mollusk) and flavour], sunflower oil (56%) and flavours.
Contains fish and mollusk.
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net weight
115 gr
La Fragua

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Elvers Surimi with Garlic