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Cacaolat Chocolate Milk

1 L
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Cacaolat is undoubtedly one of the beverages that has accompany Spanish teenagers during its adolescence. Delicious chocolate milkshake with incredible flavor. There are an infinite number of chocolate milkshakes, in each European country they are made differently and it’s the brands that give them their particular distinction. The Cacaolat brand stands out for its milkshakes and it’s the reference brand in Spain.

In the rest of Europe, it’s very difficult to find this brand of milkshakes. In Gastronomic Spain, we offer a milkshake that will bring you closer to Spain and its culture.

Ingredients of Milkshake Cacaolat

The ingredients used to make this delicious chocolate milkshake are: Whole milk, skimmed milk powder, skimmed milk, whey powder, sugar, defatted cocoa (1.5%), stabilizers (E-339, E-407), emulsifier (E-471) and flavorings.

It’s a gluten-free product, it contains lactose.

Chocolate milkshake Cacaolat qualities:

Cacaolat milkshake is elaborated with Spanish milk and cocoa. We offer it in 1 liter format in a plastic bottle (1 L pet bottle). We recommend shaking the bottle before opening the aluminum lid, so the cocoa is mixed homogeneously. Once opened, keep it refrigerated and consume it in 2 - 3 days.

Cacaolat Chocolate Milkshake has a homogeneous brown color, with darker shades because of the cocoa. It has a fluid texture, it isn’t dense and has no lumps. It has a sweet, pleasant flavor, tastes a lot like chocolate, this is why is one of the most popular brands in Spain.

This cocoa milkshake is very popular in the summer months, it can be served either hot or cold and is a very popular lunch or snack complement, everyone who has tried it, they have liked it. In winter it can be taken hot, as if it were a hot chocolate but without the dense texture, unlike the hot chocolate Cacaolat cocoa makes the digestion lighter.

If you like this type of Spanish products, in Gastronomic Spain we offer the largest variety of Spanish food with free shipping throughout Europe. As well as Cacaolat milkshake, there are countless products impossible to find abroad and that we offer online in a comfortable way and at great price.

Brand: Cacaolat

Weight: 1 Litre

Plastic bottle

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Data sheet

1 L
Whole milk, skimmed milk powder, skimmed milk, whey powder, sugar, defatted cocoa (1.5%), stabilizers (E-339, E-407), emulsifier (E-471) and flavorings.
contains lactose

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Cacaolat Chocolate Milk