Migas - Crumbs with Chorizo

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A humble meal on a high level, ready to satisfy distinguished palates.

The Crumbs with Chorizo, called Migas, are a simple, homemade and very tasty dish. Ours are made with chorizo, extra virgin olive oil and sweet cayenne (pimenton).

3-4 Portions
vacuum packed, 500 gr

Our Crumbs with Chorizo, or Migas, are made following the traditional recipe with bread, chorizo, extra virgin olive oil and sweet cayenne (pimenton). This simple and tasty dish has a humble origin and formerly it was a Sheppard’s meal, easy to prepare and taking advantage of old bread and a piece of meat or sausage.

Our Crumbs with Chorizo are a 100% Spanish dish and they are made with natural products of high quality. Even if the ingredients are simple, the dish has an excellent taste.

Enjoy the authentic and rustic taste of our Crumbs with Chorizo. They are ready to eat and you just have to warm them. If you like you can add a fried egg. The Crumbs with Chorizo are also very good with cucumber or grapes, which give them an interesting sweet contrast.

3-4 portions
vacuum packed, 500 gr

  • Ingredients: bread, water, olive oil, chorizo, pancetta, lard, garlic, salt, oregano, caraway seed, sweet cayenne (pimentón), cinnamon
  • Allergens: contains gluten, lactose

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