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Venison Pate

100 gr
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Venison Pate

The venison pate with Pedro Ximenez is a gourmet product. It is a soft and delicate food perfect to consume with toasts or breadsticks. The deer is a very popular meat in Spain, with which this pâté is elaborated.

If you like quality Spanish products, you will love this pate, the perfect product to eat at any time of the day.

Venison Pate with Pedro Ximenez Ingredients:

Deer stew (30.6%) (cooking water and deer meat (38%), pork liver, pork bacon, fried onion (onion, olive oil and salt), cultivated mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus), sugar, Pedro Ximénez wine (1.8%), extra virgin olive oil (1.5%), salt, skimmed milk powder, egg powder, pea fiber, garlic, emulsifiers: E-450i, E-451ii and E-452i, corn starch, spices, antioxidants: E-331i, E-301 and E-325, preservatives: E-200 and E-262ii, flavorings and aromatic plants.

This pâté contains lactose but it’s gluten-free.

Venison Pate with Pedro Ximenez qualities:

Venison pâté with Pedro Ximenez comes in a glass jar and weighs 100 gr. It is made by Sacesa, through its gourmet brand La Rivereña, which only uses the best quality raw materials. It is a creamy spreadable paste in which deer and pork meat are mixed with other ingredients such as mushrooms with Pedro Ximenez wine.

The dish comes ready to eat. A terrine of delicious pâté, delicious with toasts, bread or breadsticks. It has a light, nice taste and its flavor lingers in the mouth in a pleasant way. The texture is soft, creamy and easy to spread.

Buy Venison Pate with Pedro Ximenez and taste the Spanish flavor

The Venison Pâté with Pedro Ximénez is a high quality product. The pâté is very tasty and the spicy touches are a real delight.

Our Venison Pâté with Pedro Ximénez is carefully elaborated from deer meat and pork liver in addition to the Pedro Ximénez wine. The careful elaboration, its creamy texture and its incredible flavor make the Venison Pâté with Pedro Ximénez an exceptional product.

The Venison Pâté with Pedro Ximénez is perfect to eat with toasts, as an appetizer or snack. It is easy to spread and delicious. Always success.

The Venison Pate with Pedro Ximénez is a high quality product with a refined and characteristic flavor. The pate has a creamy texture that makes it very easy to enjoy on a toast.

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Venison Pate