Herbal Liqueur

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The Herbal Liqueur, from the region of Galicia, is an emblematic, tasty and very popular liquor. The balanced and herbal taste, besides its digestive properties, makes it the perfect final point for any meal.

70 cl.
30% vol.

The Herbal Liqueur is produced in Galicia and it is liquor with a characteristic and balanced herbal taste. To obtain our Herbal Liqueur more than twenty herbs and aromatic seeds are macerated in schnapps.

The result is a liquor of a clean, brilliant yellow colour. The Herbal Liqueur unfolds floral and herbal aromas. On the tongue the herbal and floral tastes predominate and you can perceive a sweet touch. The ending is long and you can appreciate very well the spiced flavours.

Our Herbal Liqueur is the perfect final point for any meal. Besides the great taste and the high quality the liquor has digestive properties.

70 cl.
30% vol.

  • Ingredients: schnapps, herbs, aromatic seeds
  • Allergens: contains sulphites

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