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Coffee Liqueur Barañano

1 liter
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Coffee Liqueur Barañano at the best price

Our Licores Barañano coffee liqueur is special. Of excellent quality and made from coffee, sugar and pomace, the coffee liqueur becomes the perfect companion for dessert.

Without a doubt, it is a sweet drink, with an intense marked flavor and a very pleasant aftertaste.

Buy online Coffee Liqueur from Licores Barañano

If there is a typical drink in Spain that is the perfect companion for dessert, that drink is the Coffee Liquor. Sweet, unctuous and bright are some of the characteristics that make up this incredible liquor.

The coffee liqueur from Licores Barañano is made through the experience provided by the family liquor tradition dating back to 1831. It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular distilleries in Spain and thanks to Gastronomic Spain you will be able to enjoy this incredible coffee liqueur from anywhere in Europe. And with FREE shipping costs!

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Characteristics of coffee liqueur Barañano

Coffee liqueur is so popular for its characteristic intense sweet taste that it masks the typical bitterness of coffee. Barañano offers us perfect organoleptic characteristics and therefore we invite you to try this delicacy from any European city.

  • Visual: it is brown / leather in color, the typical color of coffee. It is unctuous, shiny and presents a marked tear.
  • Smell: smoky touches, light toast, roasted coffee and wood are perceived. But the hints of caramel, toast and chocolate praline are also notable.
  • Taste: it is a sweet liquor, with a marked intensity. In the mouth it is frank with a touch of final bitterness, but very pleasant aftertaste.

1 liter

25% vol.

Licores Barañano


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1 liter

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Coffee Liqueur Barañano