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Aniseed for Pacharan Barañano

3 liters
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Aniseed drink for Pacharán at an incredible price

Our 3-liter of aniseed drink for pacharán is the essential ingredient to make a pacharán to taste.

If what you are looking for is to make a full-bodied pacharán at home, the 3-liter anise carafe that we offer at Gastronomic Spain will be your best option. Available at a great price and with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

Buy Aniseed for Pacharan Online, 3 liter bottle

Aniseed for Pacharán is one of those essential ingredients if you want to craft a Pacharán in conditions at home.

Our aniseed carafe is made up of 3 liters and has a 25% Vol. Graduation, special for its preparation.

If you are interested in buying a carafe of aniseed for Pacharán, as well as other types of liquors or typical drinks from Spain, consult our entire catalog.

How to make homemade Pacharán:

To make homemade Pacharán we must take into account all the necessary ingredients of its composition, among them the following stand out: sloes and special anise.

1. The first step will be to introduce the sloes, collected and washed previously, in a bottle together with a bouquet of cinnamon and coffee beans (optional).

2. From this moment on, the special anise for Pacharán is added.

3. Introduce sugar, depending on personal taste.

4. Let it marinate in a cool, dry place for approximately 3 months. During this course, carefully stir once a week or every 15 days.

5. Once the Pacharán has reached its best conditions, we must remove the fruit and prevent the liquor from taking on the flavor of the bone.

6. Advisable: consume during the same year of its preparation. * Take into account that Pacharán is a drink that does not improve with the passage of time, but the opposite.

Sloes: one of the most prominent fruits

Sloes are the fruit of the blackthorn, a shrub of the Rosaceae family. It stands out for its dark gray branches, its dark green flowers and its fruits: round drupes, blue and very juicy. They are edible, a bit astringent and acidic.

Sloes are the perfect ingredient together with anise for the preparation of a good Pacharán.

3 liters

25% vol.

carafe of aniseed

anise beverage

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3 liters

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Aniseed for Pacharan Barañano