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Aguardiente Orujo Schnapps Barañano

1 liter
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Aguardiente Orujo Schnapps Barañano

The aguardiente orujo schnapps that we have at Gastronomic Spain is from Licores Barañano, a Spanish company of great national and international prestige dedicated to the distillation and production of liqueurs.

Aguardiente is a type of beverage distilled from the carbohydrate that is released during fermentation. Our aguardiente orujo schnapps has that touch of pomace that makes it tasty and special. Buy Barañano aguardiente schnapps at Gastronomic Spain. Buy quality at the best price.

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The famous aguardiente is a typical Spanish drink, distilled from the carbohydrate that is released during fermentation. This type of drink comes from a multitude of plants rich in sucrose, an essential element in the preparation of the drink since ethanol, the main element of the brandy, arises from it.

Our brandy, as its name indicates, is accompanied by white orujo, the touch of the grape that gives it that characteristic flavor.

Are you interested in buying white pomace brandy or any other type of liquor? Discover our entire catalog and buy your favorite Spanish liquor.

Characteristics of the Aguardiente Orujo Schnapps

- View: it is a transparent drink with very marked tears and grayish reminiscences. Its vibrancy is high, as well as its density.

- Smell: intense smell with hints of fruit and raisin. You are likely to appreciate notes of dried fruit such as bitter almond.

- Taste: predominantly sweet flavor. It has an aftertaste of raisined fruit with a certain final bitterness. But it is durable and very nice.

* It should be noted that the white pomace brandy is of great alcoholic intensity, but still has a strong fruit character and it is an extraordinary and very balanced drink.

Aguardiente Orujo Schnapps from Licores Barañano

Our Aguardiente Orujo Schnapps comes from the prestigious Licores Barañano distillery. A family business but with a long history in the world of Spanish spirits.

Licores Barañano is located in Amurrión (Basque Country), produces its liquors in an artisanal way with the experience of its ancestors and has achieved maximum scores in prestigious gastronomic guides such as the Peñín Guide.

1 liter

40% vol.

Licores Barañano

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1 liter

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