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Spanish Seasoning Las Hermanas

70 gr.
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What is the Spanish seasoning Las Hermanas? 

The Spanish Seasoning Las Hermanas is a perfect supplement to enhance the flavour of all your dishes. This is a MUST in your kitchen!

Our seasoning from Las Hermanas is fully elaborated with a precise and balanced mixed of vegetables, and its main ingredient: sweet Paprika from La Vera PDO. It is characterized by being made with 100% natural ingredients and exposing all the flavor of the garden.

Las Hermanas is a pioneer business in Spain with the elaboration of the smoked paprika. In fact, Paprika de la Vera with Denomination of Origin: Las Hermanas is a safe bet in gourmet markets. 

Discover our entire catalogue of spices, including PDO Paprika and many other options. 

What are the best recipes to use the Spanish Seasoning Las Hermanas?

This combination of spices can be used in tons of recipes to add more flavour to a meat or rice, to give the final touch to your salad or even to prepare your own sauces. 

It is a versatile product. 

Spanish seasoning Las Hermanas ingredients

Powdered onion, powdered garlic, powdered tomato, powdered leek, powdered green pepper, powdered carrot and sweet paprika de la Vera PDO(45%).

It is a healthy product, elaborated without preservatives, gluten free and high-fibre content.

Buy Spanish Seasoning Las Hermanas at an excellent price.

If you live far away from Spain and you are looking for a quality seasoning that reminds you to the flavors of your land, our Spanish seasoning Las Hermanas will be your best choice. Thanks to the Gastronomic Spain's online store and their free shipping throughout Europe, you will enjoy this amazing quality product, just as many other typical products of the Spanish gastronomy.

Distance is not an excuse to not enjoy your food as if you were at home!

70 gr. Net weight 

Packaging: tin

Las Hermanas

Las Hermanas
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Data sheet

70 gr.
Powdered onion, powdered garlic, powdered tomato, powdered leek, powdered green pepper, powdered carrot and paprika from La Vera PDO sweet variety (45%).
net weight

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Spanish Seasoning Las Hermanas