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Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers

80 gr
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At Gastronomic Spain, we offer you the opportunity to bring an authentic and flavorful product to your kitchen: Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers (Capsicum SPP). These peppers, dried and whole, are a popular seasoning in Spanish cuisine, ideal for countless stews and preparations. Discover how they can transform your dishes with their wonderful and rich flavor!

What are Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers?

Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers are a variety of red pepper that is dried, preserving its unique flavor and aroma characteristics. Specifically, our Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers Dulces del Cristal are a delight known for their sweetness and versatility. Traditionally used in Spanish cuisine, they add a special touch to sauces, seasonings, and dressings. Moreover, their ability to impart color and flavor to soups and stews makes them an essential ingredient in your pantry.

These peppers come in whole, dried pieces, which allows them to have a much longer shelf life compared to other formats, such as pulp. This means you can use only the amount you need for each preparation without worrying about the rest spoiling.

How to Use Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers

To get the most out of Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers, it's important to prepare them correctly. Before use, you should soak the peppers in warm water for at least an hour. This process rehydrates the pepper, restoring its flexible texture and releasing its intense flavor. Once rehydrated, simply rinse and drain them well. From here, you can incorporate them directly into your recipes, either by cutting them into strips or crushing them to make a paste that will enhance your stews.

Thanks to their sweetness, Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers are very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of dishes. They are perfect for enriching sauces, preparing traditional recipes like Bacalao a la Vizcaína, or any stew that needs a touch of depth and sweetness. They are also ideal for making seasonings and dressings, providing a unique flavor and vibrant color that enhances any dish.

Where to Buy Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers?

If you are looking for where to buy the best quality Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers, Gastronomic Spain is your ideal online store. We offer these wonderful dried and whole peppers with free shipping across Europe, so you can enjoy this traditional ingredient no matter where you are.

Buying from our store is very easy and safe. Browse our selection of products, add the Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers Dulces del Cristal to your cart, and follow the checkout process. In a few days, you will receive your peppers directly at your door, ready to transform your recipes with their incomparable flavor.

In summary, the Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers Dulces del Cristal from Gastronomic Spain are an essential product for any lover of good cuisine. Their ability to enhance stews, sauces, and casseroles with their sweetness and versatility makes them an invaluable ingredient. Don't miss the opportunity to add these wonderful peppers to your pantry and discover how they can take your dishes to the next level. Place your order today and start enjoying all the flavor of Spanish cuisine!

Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers

Weight: 80 grams

Format: In a cardboard box, packaged

Keep in a dry and cool place. Keep away from sunlight.

Brand: Dani

Produced for: Conservas Dani S.A.U.

Pol. Ind. Els Garrofers, Parc. 32, 35 y 37, 08340 Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona), Spain

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80 gr
Sweet cristal chilli peppers (Capiscum SPP)
Conservas Dani

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Dry Pimiento Choricero Peppers

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