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Gazpacho without cucumber Alvalle

1 liter

Gazpacho without cucumber Alvalle: refreshing and with 100% natural ingredients

The gazpacho without cucumber Alvalle is ideal to enjoy at any time of the day. It is a typical Spanish gazpacho, a gazpacho without cucumber, fresh and with 100% natural ingredients. If you do not like cucumber, this is the gazpacho that you were waiting for.

El gazpacho sin pepino de Alvalle es ideal para saborear en cualquier momento del día. Es un gazpacho típico de España, un gazpacho sin pepino, fresco y con ingredientes 100% naturales. Si no te gusta el pepino este es el gazpacho que estabas buscando.

Alvalle Gazpacho is creamy, with an intense flavour and the ideal temperature to drink it in a hot summer day.

An Alvalle Gazpacho without cucumber to enjoy from all over Europe. If you are looking for another type of cold tapa such as gazpacho au naturel or salmorejo, do not hesitate to visit the Gastronomic Spain online shop. FREE shipping all over Europe.

Soft gazpacho Alvalle ingredients:

Alvalle's gazpacho suave is made with natural ingredients of the highest quality: Fresh vegetables (74%) (tomato, onion, pepper), water, extra virgin olive oil (1.8%), salt, wine vinegar, garlic.

GLUTEN FREE product, it is suitable for coeliacs.

Gazpacho Alvalle, probably one of the best gazpachos at the supermarket:

Gazpacho is like potato omelette; it is a Spanish food that is usually made at home and that each cook has his or her own particular technique that gives it his or her own particular touch. When it comes to buying gazpacho, there is a wide range of gazpacho available, and of all of them, Alvalle gazpacho stands out for the quality of its ingredients, its freshness, and its delicious flavour. An ideal product to keep in the fridge at all times of the day, as it is a great way to enjoy it at any time of the day and resolves a lunch or dinner in a flash.

Gazpacho without cucumber Alvalle characteristics:

We offer you a natural gazpacho made by Alvalle with fresh seasonal vegetables. It comes in a 900ml. format in a plastic PET bottle, which it makes it easy to transport with a screw cap that allows it to be transported comfortably once it has been started. It is called soft gazpacho as it does not contain cucumber. This does not mean that the other gazpacho that contains cucumber is strong, what happens is that of all the vegetables that make up the gazpacho, cucumber is the ingredient that, together with tomato, stands out the most. Not everybody likes its taste, that is why a gazpacho has ben elaborated for those who do not like cucumber.

Gazpacho is a tomato soup that is eaten cold. Despite the other ingredients, it has a red colour, a thick texture and a delicate flavour. It is a more fluid soup than gazpacho with cucumber, as the absence of cucumber increases the proportion of tomato. It is an ideal product to drink with the arrival of good weather. A digestive, tasty, and very appetizing dish. Once opened, it is advisable to consume after 1 or 2 days.

1 litre

tetra brick



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1 liter
Fresh vegetables (tomato, onion, pepper), water, extra virgin olive oil, salt, wine vinegar and garlic.
Gluten FREE.
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tetra brick
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0.73 kg.

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