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Seafood Cocktail

180 gr
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What is Seafood Cocktail?

Seafood Cocktail is a salad in which seafood predominates. It is a fresh appetizer seasoned with oil and vinegar, ideal to eat at aperitif or vermouth time. It is a typical dish from the Spanish coasts, usually using seasonal produce, although it can never be lacking: prawns, mussels, squid or squid. It is usually accompanied with pickles such as olives, spring onions and gherkins.

Seafood Cocktail Angomar characteristics:

Seafood Cocktail is presented in a thermo-sealed tray, which makes it easy to open and eat. It weighs 180 gr. and is perfect to eat cold. It is a Spanish recipe, prepared by Angomar with the best quality seafood. It is undoubtedly a dish of contrasts that mixes the "vinagrillos" (olives, spring onions, cucumber and pepper) with different seafood (squid, prawns, crab sticks and mussels).

It has a pleasant, mild flavour, an appetising presence and a mixture of texture and flavours on the palate.

It is a dish that is appetising with the arrival of the good weather and, as it weighs 180 g, it is considered a "ration" dish, ideal for eating anywhere due to the tray on which it is presented.

One of the main aspects to take into account is the quality of the ingredients. Angomar uses excellent seafood, which gives the dish a delicious flavour and a touch of freshness that is essential in seafood.

Seafood Cocktail ingredients

The ingredients that are used in this dish are: Squid (40%) (Dosidicus gigas), seed oil (26%), cooked mussels (7%), prawns (5%), spring onions, pepper, green and black olives, vinegar, stabiliser (E-450) and acidity correctors (E-330 and E-331).

It is gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs. Contains molluscs and shellfish.

Buying Seafood Cocktail at a great price:

The Seafood Cocktail we offer is a top-quality product, very difficult to find abroad, especially in northern European countries. The 180g format makes it easy to eat and it is a product that does not need to be cooked. Simply open and eat.

180 gr. drained weight

pot of seafood salpicón

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Data sheet

180 gr
tentacles (disidicus giga), crab sticks “txaka” (fish surimi: fish, sugar, stabilizer (polyphosphates), potato starch, wheat flour, colza oil, sugar, soy protein, salt, crab aroma, egg albumin, cayenne extract), prawns, mussels, onion, pickles, red and green pepper, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt
contains fish, mollusk, shellfish, gluten, soy, eggs, sulfites

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Seafood Cocktail