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Pastie dough La Cocinera

160 gr
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Make filled pasties (empanadillas) with La Cocinera's pastie wafer.

For the traditional empanadillas. The ones you love. Enjoy all kinds of recipes such as empanadillas or other preparations you want to make. This La Cocinera dough will be perfect, especially for filled pasties.

Buy La Cocinera Pastie dough online, a traditional recipe from Spain

For the usual dumplings. The ones you love. Enjoy all kinds of recipes such as dumplings or other preparations that you want to make. This  Pastie dough will be perfect, especially for stuffed dumplings.

If we look back and think of meals that were already prepared at the home of our parents and grandparents, La Cocinera dough dough, it sure comes to mind. In our store you can buy La cocinera dough dough online and receive it anywhere in Europe. A product that is practically impossible to find outside of Spain and that with Gastronomic Spain you can even receive with FREE shipping throughout Europe. If you are looking for another type of wafer: we have another wafers XL dumplings and filling for dumplings that you are going to love.

Characteristics of the Pastie dough of Empanadillas the cook:

The dough for dumplings comes in an airtight bag that contains 16 wafers of dumplings, each one 10 gr. and a diameter of about 10 cm. Small wafers are considered. It is fresh dough since it does not have to be softened in water. Once taken out of the bag, it must be consumed immediately, since they darken and harden very quickly.

Although it says Buitoni on the bag, that is still the wafers of the Cook of a lifetime, just now the Buitoni brand also appears.

It is a very versatile product and can be cooked both in the oven and in the deep fryer. It is the type of dough that is also used for the Argentine dumplings.

How to use the Pastie dough:

The preparation of this dish is very simple. Next we are going to explain the basic steps so that you get some "yummy" dumplings:

1. Open the package: Leave the Pastie dough at room temperature for 10 minutes.

2. Fill the wafers with the chosen preparation, close them

3. Close the dumplings: Here you have 2 options, the simplest way is to press the edges with the help of a fork, leaving the shape of the half moon and a zik zak in which both edges have been sealed. The other option, which requires more skill, is to make the braid.

4. Cook the dumplings: They can be fried and also baked

              - If you choose to Fry the dumplings: fry them in plenty of very hot oil until golden brown.

              - If you choose to Bake the dumplings: Preparation in the oven: Remove the separating paper, fill the wafers, paint them with beaten egg and cook them at a temperature of 200 ° C, up and down (without fan), for 10 or 12 minutes. Attention, separating paper not suitable for oven.

160 g. net weight

La Cocinera


Data sheet

160 gr
INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, water, lard, salt, acidulants (E575 and citric acid), preservative (potassium sorbate), yeast.
It contains gluten
La Cocinera

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Pastie dough La Cocinera