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Iberico salami Cular

400 gr
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Iberico salami Cular, in thick casing

Our Iberico salami cular comes in thick casing, that is, it comes in the thick intestine of the pigs, which is about 40-60 mm. in diameter and 50-60 cm. in length. The Iberian cebo salchichón is a variety of Iberian Salchichón exclusively elaborated with Iberian pig meat.

It is elaborated in Nietos Martín, an enterprise completely dedicated to the traditional fabrication of Iberian products and with a natural curation. They combine traditional and artisanal techniques with new technologies.

Main ingredients of the Iberian cebo salchichón: meat of Iberian acorn-fed pig, Iberian pig fat, natural casing, salt, lactose, spices, scent and colouring, among others.

*From Gastronomic Spain we advise to keep Iberian bellota longaniza at a fresh and dry place.

Iberico salami cular ingredients

The truth is that in every region of Spain, salami is seasoned in a certain way. In this case, ‘El secadero Nieto Martin’ spices the meat to be used in the salchichon with black pepper, nut meg, Montilla Moriles wine, among others, which give it a very particular aroma and flavour.

The ingredients of this Iberian salchichon are Iberian pork, salt, dextrin, milk protein, soya, protein, lactose, Montilla Moriles wine, spices, dextrose, stabilizer (E-451 i), antioxidants (E-316 and E-331 iii), flavouring and colouring (E-120), preservatives (E-250 and E-252) and natural pork casing.

It is important to remember that unlike other sausages, as this piece is stuffed in large intestine casing, it cannot be eaten, as it is coarse and difficult to digest.

It is a product that does not contain gluten, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

It is a product that contains lactose.

Buy Iberico Salami cular

typ of meat, the origin and the size. We offer you a salchichon made from certifies Iberian pork from Guijuelo, Salamanca, the birthplace of Iberian ham in Spain. This salami is considered cular because it is made with the large intestine, the slice has a diameter of 5 to 6 cm.

Each salami has certain characteristics, the piece that we present you, having a long curing period and a considerable thickness, it is important to cut in thin slices, in this way we will be able to bring out its full potential.

Iberico Salami cular characteristics

Our Iberico salami cular comes in cular format, that is to say, it is presented in thick pork casing of about 40-60 mm in calibre. It is not a whole piece, but a piece of approximately 400 grams. The ‘salchichon iberico de cebo’ is a variety of ‘salchichon iberico’

It is a salami which, due to its size and thickness, need a medium-long curing period. It has a firm texture on the outside, as well as on the inside. For this reason, when it is ready to eat, it is cut into very thin slices in a slicing machine or with a good knife on a board.

On the outside, the casing has a greyish-brown colour. As it is a thick natural casing, it does not show what the meat of the sausage looks like. Inside, the salami has a dark brown colour, a mixture of lean and bacon of Iberian pork and some black peppercorns.

This type of salchichon is obtained from Iberian fattening pigs, which are characterized by a diet based on pasture and natural feed and have generally lived in captivity.

Salchichón from Guijuelo

It is made in Nieto Martin, a company dedicated entirely to the production of Iberian products in the traditional way and with a natural curing process. They combine tradition and craftsmanship with new technologies.

Since its origins several generations ago, Nieto Martin has been located in Guijuelo, Salamanca, where it is part of the Guijuelo Designation of Origin, which is one of the main designations that certifies products from the Iberian pig.

400 g. net weight

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Iberian product by Nieto Martin

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400 gr
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vacuum packed
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400 gr
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Iberico salami Cular