Fried Ham Strips

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The Fried Ham, called Cortezas de Jamón, is a typical snack made ham strips fried in their own fat. This crunchy and tasty snack is completely natural and very popular.

75 gr.
vacuum packed

The Fried Ham Strips, called Cortezas de Jamón, are a very typical snack of the Spanish gastronomy. The crunchy and tasty ham strips are traditionally elaborated. The size, the great taste and the crunchy texture make this high quality product so popular.

Our Fried Ham Strips are made in the oven, fried in their own fat. This way of elaboration makes the strips really crunchy and at the same time they have less fat. The Fried Ham Strips are totally natural, without colourings or preservatives added.

Enjoy our Fried Ham Strips as snack or instead of potato chips. Together with a soft drink or a cold beer they are a real delight.

75 gr.
vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: ham rinds of pork fried in its own fat, salt
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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