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Tomato Solis Pack 3

300 gr.
In stock

Tomato Solis Pack 3

Tomato Solis is one of the basic and essential ingredients that can be found in any Spanish kitchen. A delicious tomato sauce with 100% natural and homemade ingredients. Perfect to accompany your favourite dishes!

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Tomato Solis Homemade Style: with 100% natural ingredients

Tomato Solis Homemade Style is a product made with 100% natural ingredients in which tomatoes, onion and sunflower oil stands out.

The Tomato Solis is one of those traditional products from the Spanish cuisine and, at the same time, indispensable in any Spanish home. That is why, when we travel outside Spain, we miss it so much.

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With no doubt, Tomato Solis id one of those Spanish sauces that drive us crazy and combine perfectly with an infinite number of recipes.

Tomato Solis Homemade Style ingredients

Tomato and tomato concentrate (144 gr. of tomato to make 100 gr. of fried tomato), onion (6,0%), sunflower oil (5,7%), sugar, olive oil (1%), salt.
Product without additives, preservatives and gluten-free, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

Fried Tomato Solis characteristics:

Tomato Solis Homemade Style sauce is one of the best known and most popular tomato sauces in Spain. This time it comes in a 100 gr. can and in a pack of 3 units. This format has become one of the most popular. It is like a portion format, wither for when you cook for yourself or to integrate in other dishes as a stir-fry and you only need a small quantity.

It is an elaborated sauce, it does not need to be cooked, only heated. Sometimes it is enough just to keep the food with which it is going to be served warm, to temper it without it drying out.

It is a sauce that has a uniform intense red color, it has a dense texture, without lumps or chunks. In the mouth it has a salty and balanced taste, due to the sugar that has been used to balance the acidity that the tomato itself provides.

Fried Tomato Solis, in the purest homemade style

Fried Tomato Solis is one of the basic and essential ingredients in any pantry in Spain. A delicious tomato sauce with 100% natural ingredients and homemade style, perfect to complement your favorite meals!

Enjoy Fried Tomato Solis from any city in Europe. Buy Fried Tomate Solis at Gastronomic Spain at a cheap price and with free shipping. Do not let them tell you how good it is when you can enjoy it yourself!

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Tomato Solis

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300 gr.
Tomato and tomato concentrate (144g of tomato to make 100g of fried tomato), onion (6.0%), sunflower oil (5.7%), sugar, olive oil (1%), salt.
No additives, no preservatives and gluten free.
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Tomato Solis Pack 3