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Spicy Brava Sauce

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Are you a fan of the spicy brava sauce?

The spicy brava sauce is one of the sauces per excellence that the Spanish gastronomy has. With this delicious sauce and its spicy touch, it is ideal to prepare some patatas bravas (fried potatoes with brava sauce) or to give an interesting touch to grilled meat or vegetables.

Wherever you will go, in any bar at Spain, it is very common to find patatas bravas with this delicious spicy brava sauce, that why they are called like that. It is also a very rare sauce to find outside Spain. Buy it at Gastronomic Spain, your online Spanish food store with FREE shipping all over Europe.

What the Spicy Brava Sauce Can Bech is?

The spicy brava sauce Can Bech is one of the Spanish sauces more important and claimed among the Spaniards.

This spicy brava sauce is elaborated with 100% natural ingredients, that is why it has an orange colour so characteristic and intense of this sauce, also it has a delicious flavour and a spicy touch.

Can Bech Sauces

Can Bech dates back to 1981 when the Bech family opened their first restaurant on the Costa Brava. From this moment on, one of their dishes was so successful that they began to sell Premium fruit and vegetable preserves as a complementary activity to the restaurant.

In 2004, the production of jams began, and, in this way, the product offer was expanded. To this day, they have continued to grow as a company, expanding their services with many products and being recognized with prestigious national awards.

Salsa Brava Can Bech Ingredients

Sunflower oil, garlic (contains sulphites), lemon juice, water, extract of spicy paprika and salt.

No preservatives or additives

Gluten FREE

Lactose FREE

Salsa Brava de los bares

Our spicy brava sauce Can Bech is like the one you can try at a bar in Spain. This famous dish is to pair with the patatas bravas itself, acquiring the name of the sauce. But it is not the only one. The spicy brava sauce is also a good pairing for dishes such as grilled meat, squid, shrimps or another seafood dishes.

The brava sauce is also known by the name it has acquired with the mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise or alioli.

Salsa Brava recipe

There is nothing like going out for a beer and eating some good patatas bravas, right?

In Spain can be done at any corner, but if we go out of it, eating this traditional appetizer is really complicated. At Gastronomic Spain, although you can buy this sauce from anywhere Europe, we also want to teach you this recipe:

1. Chop onion and garlic.

2. We add some sunflower oil to a pan, and we put the chopped onion and garlic, with a touch of salt.

3. When the onion is ready, we add some spicy paprika.

4. Add mashed tomato and leave it cook for around 10 minutes.

5. Finally, whip it until you have a creamy texture.

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Can Bech

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140 gr
sunflower oil, garlic, lemon juice, plant extract, salt
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
Can Bech

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Spicy Brava Sauce