Green Gazpacha Olives

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The perfect appetizer.

The Green Gazpacha Olives are a typical, a little spicy mix and the perfect base for a tapas night. Only the best olives are used for this exceptional pickled mix.

jar 310 gr. 
200 gr. net

This typical, little spicy, mix of green Olives is a perfect start for a tapas meal.

The way of pickling the olives is called gazpacha. The green olives used for the mix grow in a natural park in Murcia. The olives are mixed with carrots, red pepper, pickles and different spices such as the famous red pepper called pimentón. The result is an exceptional craft product with a great respect for the high quality ingredients.

Our green Gazpacha Olives are ideal for a tapas night or to go along with drinks. Next to a cold beer is where they unfold all their charm.

jar 310 gr. 
200 gr. net

  • Ingredients: manzanilla olives, pickles, carrots, red pepper, garlic, pfefferoni, cayenne (pimentón), water, salt, vinegar
  • Allergens: contains sulphites

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