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Green Gazpacha Olives

420 gr.
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Green Gazpacha Olives, manzanilla type but crushed

The perfect appetizer if you want to win someone’s palate. These are gazpacha olives, a type of manzanilla olives but crushed so they absorb all the seasoning of pickles and carrots. Green gazpacha olives are exceptional pickles and are elaborated in an artisan way with the best products.

Our gazpacha olives come from Coaliment, in a 420 gr. glass jar.

What are Green Gazpacha Olives?

Green gazpacha olives are a very typical appetizer in Spain, diverse and with the best seasoning. Green gazpacha olives belong to the manzanilla variety, but in this case, the olives are crushed so they can absorb the dressing of the chopped pickles and the carrot slices.  

Green olives come from plantations in the natural park of Sierra Espuna in Murcia. These exceptional pickles are handmade and respect the raw material quality.

This format of gazpacha green olives is the result of green olives with stone, seasoned gazpacha style. A Spanish appetizer that no one can resist. 

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Manzanilla olives:

The manzanilla olive is the fruit produced by the manzanilla itself, a variety of the olive tree (Olea Europaea). There are different varieties of manzanilla olives, but the main ones are: manzanilla sevillana, manzanilla cacereña and manzanilla aloreña.

Gazpacha Olives Ingredients

Olives, water, pickles, carrots, salt, peppers, onions, garlic, chili peppers, acidity correctors: acetic acid and lactic acid, paprika and preservative: sodium sulfite. Pasteurized product.

Contains sulfites.

Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume preferably within 15 days.

Gazpacha Olives Recipe

It’s more important knowing how to season the olives than the recipe itself. Gazpacho olives are a delicious and perfect appetizer to accompany vermouth or snack between meals.

This type of dressing is traditional in Mediterranean recipes. The explanation is the following:

1. Prepare in a bowl all the olives you are going to use.

2. To crush them, a cut is made to open them. In this way they acquire better a flavor of the dressing.

3. Let them rest in water so that they lose their bitterness.

4. Chop to taste ingredients such as pickles, carrots or even onions.

5. Mix the ingredients well and add spices such as paprika. And later, salt.

6. Afterwards, this mixture is covered with mineral water in a container and closed.

7. The last step is to enjoy this delicious snack.

420 net weight

200 gr. drained weight

Format: glass jar


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420 gr.
Olives, water, pickles, carrots, salt, peppers, onions, garlic, chillies, acidity regulators: acetic acid and lactic acid, paprika and preservative: sodium sulphite. pasteurized product.
Contains sulphites
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Green Gazpacha Olives