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Gordal Olives Spicy

420 gr.
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The Gordal, tasty and pulpy olive of higher quality. Our Gordal Olives Spicy are the perfect appetiser, as they are succulent and refined, suitable to eat at any moment of the day. Its name refers to their great size, of 12 grams on average.

You can buy Gordal Olives Spicy branded by Corbí  in Gastronomic Spain. A truly delicious and Spanish appetiser that crosses borders, with free delivery to Europe.

What are Gordal Olives Spicy?

Gordal Olives are one of the most special and known types of olive in Spain. They are served as an appetiser and their more characteristic trait is their size: large.

Our Gordal Olives Spicy are perfectly seasoned and have an amazing taste, with a spicy touch. They are branded by Corbí and come in a jar of 420 gr. Net weight.

Characteristics Gordal Olives Spicy

The Gordal Olive is, usually, cultivated in Sevilla; thus, it is also known as Sevillian Gordal Olive. It is one of the varieties that is consumed as an appetiser only, as its oil content is low.

Among its characteristics we can find:

- Size: Gordal Olives are big, approximately 12 grams each piece.

- Colour: their colour is greenish. But if they are matured, they can adopt a black pigmentation, which is used to decorate some beverages or dishes, in addition to its gastronomic uses. 

- Pulp: because of their big size, they have a considerable pulp: they are succulent olives.

- Form: ovoid form and slightly asymmetric. 

- Taste: Gordal Olives are really savoury; they are perfectly seasoned with water, vinegar, salt, species and chilly; thys, they have a spicy touch that characterise them.

Gordal Olives Spicy Ingredients:

Whole green olives, chopped chilli, water, salt, acidifier E-270, antioxidant E-300. Contains sulfites.

Pasteurised product.

Recommended to keep in a cool, dry place. Once opened, conserve in refrigeration up to 3 months.

Denomination: whole, green Gordal Olive.

Gordal Olive as a fruit

Gordal Olives are extracted from a little ramified and vigorous tree, the European Olea.

Its flowering is early and of hard fruit setting. Because of this, pollinators are used, improving the production. The fruit, during the ripening process, is of a dark green colour, almost black, and is characterised for being oval, elongated and for having a ramified heart. The internal stone is also elongated, with a pointed base.

Gordal Olive Properties

It is common knowledge that olives are delicious and beneficial for our organism, suitable for a balanced diet. These olives are good because:

● They confront the free radicals, that is, they prevent the oxidation of the cell membranes.

● They improve the endothelial function.

● They help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

● They contain vitamin A, helping to maintain a good state of the tissues like the skin.

● They are rich in Sodium.

● They are a good source of fibre.

Olives Corbí: olive artesans

Our Gordal Olives Spicy are branded by Olives Corbí, the olive master craftsmen with more than 75 years of experience in the field.

In Olives Corbí a great variety of products, tastes and textures of high quality are made, like our Gordal Olives Spicy.

Corbí has more than 17.000 m2 of installations, 5 loading docks and a storage capacity of 4,5 millions of kilograms of olives and pickles. Moreover, they are equipped with the machinery and necessary technology of the latest generation.

Gorbí’s goal is the compromise with the service and the quality of its products. For this reason, it has become a landmark in olive and pickle production.

420 gr. Net weight

250 gr. Drained weight

Format: jar


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Data sheet

420 gr.
Whole green olives, chopped chilli, water, salt, acidifier E-270, antioxidant E-300.
Contains sulfites.
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net weight
420 gr

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Gordal Olives Spicy