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Black Olives

200 gr
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Black olives Empeltre variety

Juicy, fleshy and very tasty, this is how our Coaliment brand black olives are. These black olives from Aragon are of the Empeltre variety, considered a natural and artisan product. They have a great flavour that further underlines the touch of oregano provided.

The Empeltre variety comes from Bajo Aragón, where its production area predominates. It is characterized by offering a fruity oil, ripe fruit, aromatic and very sweet.

Enjoy this excellent appetizer just as the black olives, typical from the Spanish gastronomy. Rich, tasty and at an incredible price. Shipping available all over Europe.

What is the Black Olives Empeltre?

Our Black Olives Empeltre are a product of great quality, freshy and with a characteristic flavour. Our Black Olives are originally from the Bajo Aragón and are made in an artinasal manner under rigorous quality controls. This national product is 100% natural, without colouring or added preservatives.

Why are these olives black? In order to distinguish black olives from green olives, we need to take into account its degree of processing and not their variety.

This degree of processing, as well as its treatment, provide this dark colour. Since the moment they were harvested, they go through a fermentation process

And are preserved, affecting thier colour and flavour.

The Olives Empeltre is a olive variety prominent in Aragón and Baleares. They are mainly found in Bajo Aragón and are also known as Impeltre, although it is not in the RAE Dictionary.

Black Olives Empeltre Characteristics

Our Black Olives Empeltre branded by Coaliment are characterised by being really flashy and having an unmatched flavour.

They stand out for their oregano touch, making them a special and irresistible appetiser.

It is important to highlight that black olives are initially green and then they acquire their dark colour throughout their elaboration process.

They also stand out for their great size, their freshness and excellent flavour.

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Black Olives and its culinary properties

As well as being a good source of nutrients and having a great quantity of A and E vitamin, the Black Olives also stand out for their culinary properties in the Spanish gastronomy.

Black Olives, as well as olives in general, stand out for being one of the main Spanish appetisers. It is a very typical product as an appetiser, but it is also used to highlight the flavour of some dishes such as Russian salad.

Undoubtedly, the intense flavour of Black Olives of Aragón is perfect as an appetiser. They also give a special touch to any salad or pizza.

Buy Online Black Olives from Aragón

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200 gr
whole natural empeltre black olives, salt, olive oil and spices
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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Black Olives