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Dry Chickpeas Pedrosillanos Extra

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Dry Chickpeas at an incredible price

Dried pedrosillanos chickpeas extra are one of the varieties that are farmed in the provinces of Castilla La Mancha and Castilla y León. It is a type of dried small chickpeas that is usually harvested in July and its slow drying is carried out until October.

Our dried pedrosillanos chickpeas are vacuum packed and in a one kilo format. They are from La Fragua brand, and it is a healthy product and natural. Origin: Spain.

Dried Pedrosillanos Chickpeas extra: what they are and characteristics 

Dried pedrosillano chickpeas extra are one of the most popular legumes in Spain. It is a type of chickpea much smaller in size than the dry lechoso chickpeas, also available in Gastronomic Spain

Our legume of the pedrosillano variety is farmed in the communities of Castilla La Mancha and Castilla y León, but the name Pedrosillano comes from the production that is historically carried out in the municipality of Pedrisillo el Ralo, in Salamanca’s province.

Among its characteristics it can be highlighted: 

  • It has a 370 / 100 grams calibre. 
  • The grain of the Pedrosillano chickpea is full, slightly wrinkled and almost rounded. 
  • Its natural colour is beige, but once the chickpea is cooked, it turns yellowish orange. 
  • It is a dry product. 
  • It needs between 10 to 12 hours of soaking. 
  • Cooking time depends on the type of kitchen ware, if it is a pressure cooker or a casserole. 
  • Usually, its flavour is intense, mostly when they are cooked into stews. 
  • In addition, they absorb too much liquid (100% in a weight and volume ratio).
  • Once they are cooked, the pedrosillanos chickpeas are preserved in their entirety: they do not open and do not lose the skin. 

How to cook dried pedrosillano chickpeas extra

The dried Pedrosilano chickpeas’ cooking time will depend on the type of kitchen ware that we use: 


- Hard water: 55 min. to 65 min.

- Soft water: 45 min. to 55 min.


- Hard water: 3 hours to 3 hours 20 min.

- Soft water: 2h. 45 min. to 3 hours.

Different recipes with pedrosillano chickpeas 

There are plenty of recipes where you can use Pedrosilla chickpeas, in fact it is a very versatile feeding, but at Gastronomic Spain we encourage you to try some: 

Tripe with chickpeas 

It is a Spanish gastronomy’s traditional dish, easy to prepare and with spectacular flavour. In Gastronomic Spain, it is available tripe with chickpea from Litoral in a jar format, ready to be consumed. 

Chickpeas with chorizo 

Chickpeas with chorizo are similar to the mentioned before, another of the most outstanding stews of Spanish’s gastronomy. A perfect combination with a scandalous taste. Available in the online shop.  

Chickpea salad 

The Chickpea salad is legendary, mostly in the summer season. Any ingredient that you add to your salad will be an excellent companion for chickpeas, whether they are hot or cold. 

If you are interested in buying dried pedrosillano chickpeas extra online, this is your chance. 

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1 kg.
Pedrosillanos Dry Chickpeas (100%)
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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