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Hire the premium account and enjoy a one year full service of Express Shipping and FREE Shipping Insurance:

what the premium account includes:
1º. Express Shipping: your order is shipped the next day, (if you do not have a premium account, it will be available in 3-5 business days)

2º. Replacement insurance: If something broken arrives, we will replenish it (if you do not have a premium account, we will refund your money or give you a gift voucher)

3º. FREE shipping: shipping is FREE for orders over € 79.99 or € 89.99 depending on the country.

(Item 3 is not yet active, it will be in the coming weeks, but only those who make purchases over € 79.99 or € 89.99 and have a premium account will have FREE shipping. For those who do not have a premium account, they will have to pay a shipping cost of € 5 for orders over € 79.99 or € 89.99)
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