Seafood Cocktail

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Fresh, with a vinegar touch and a lot of seafood.

The Seafood Cocktail is a starter with class. It has everything that is expected of a good Spanish Seafood Cocktail: tentacles, mussels, prawns, crab sticks and pickles.

1 - 2 portions
180 grs.
The Seafood Cocktail has everything you expect: fresh seafood and pickles. The great and fresh taste of the Seafood Cocktail makes it a very nice starter.

Our Seafood Cocktail is made with best quality seafood: tentacles, crab sticks, mussels and prawns as well as pickles, onion, red and green pepper.

Enjoy our delicious Seafood Cocktail as starter.

1 - 2 portions
180 gr., 125 gr. net

  • Ingredients: tentacles (disidicus giga), crab sticks “txaka” (fish surimi: fish, sugar, stabilizer (polyphosphates), potato starch, wheat flour, colza oil, sugar, soy protein, salt, crab aroma, egg albumin, cayenne extract), prawns, mussels, onion, pickles, red and green pepper, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt
  • Allergens: contains fish, mollusk, shellfish, gluten, soy, eggs, sulfites

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