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The Ling Roe, called hueva, is a typical salting from the south of Spain. The great salty taste of the ling and the compact consistence turn it into a real exquisite.

170 gr.
vacuum packed

The Ling Roe, called Hueva Maruca, is a typical salted tuna from the Levantinian coast and the south of Spain. It is an old and traditional way of preserving fish and it is still popular because of the great salty taste.

Our Ling Roe is made with the best fish. The roes are put, and pressed, one or two days in coarse salt and after the fish is air dried. The result is an exquisite Ling Roe with a firm texture and a excellent taste.

Enjoy a tasty delicacy with our Ling Roe. Serve it cut in thin slices and with some drops of olive oil.

170 gr.
vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: ling, water, salt
  • Allergens: contains fish

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