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Pumpkin Chorizo

350 gr
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What is pumpkin chorizo?

Pumpkin chorizo is a type of Spanish cold meat, it’s equally traditional and innovative. This pumpkin chorizo es made with pork bacon, pumpkin and Pimentón de la Vera with Designation of Origin, as well as other spices.

It’s a unique product which undergoes a maturation-drying process of between 25 and 30 days to obtain a product of excellent qualities, exquisite texture, unique aroma and impeccable flavor.

Pumpkin chorizo Origin

Pumpkin chorizo is a typical dish from Las Hurdes region, located in Extremadura. Its origin dates back to the XVIII century, when in times of shortage, meat was substituted by pumpkin.

Since then, pumpkin chorizo has become a very important dish on holidays and celebrations in Caceres and Badajoz, as well as inf the Spanish gastronomy.

Pumpkin Chorizo Ingredients:

Pork meat and fat 80%, pumpkin 20%, potato, onion, salt, garlic, Pimentón de la Vera DO, dextrose, dextrin, emulsifiers ((9205 6.37%) E-450III; sugar, soy protein, antioxidants E-331iii, preservatives E-252 0.60%, E-250 0.50%, E-202, E-235, oregano.

Edible wrapper.

GLUTEN FREE product.

May contain traces of soy and lactose.

Pumpkin Chorizo Characteristics:

• It’s a product made mainly with pork bacon and pumpkin.

• It’s typical in the Extremadura region, but it also stands out in the border areas such as Avila.

• It has a great quality and nutritional properties.

• Rich in protein, iron, potassium and vitamins B3 and B2, among others.

• It stands out in modern cuisine for being a versatile product.

• Our pumpkin chorizo is made in Embutidos Nejosa, it comes in a string of 350 gr. approximate and vacuum packed.

Embutidos Nejosa and its Delicious pumpkin chorizo

The pumpkin chorizo available in Gastronomic Spain belongs to Embutidos Nejosa, a family business founded in the 80’s in Jaríz de la Vera, town in the north of Extremadura, specifically in the province of Caceres.

Embutidos Nejosa began selling the best meats from animals raised by themselves and they manufacture in a traditional way their cold meats. Today, they continue to offer the best cold meat with an incredible experience and great quality. Up to 3 generations have been in charge of continuing the family business.

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Pumpkin chorizo is a delicious product. It’s very similar to a fresh chorizo, it’s made with a mixture of pumpkin puree and pork meats, it has the characteristic flavor of the chorizo and the sweetness of the pumpkin.

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350 gr. Net weight (aproximate)

Format: whole piece

Vacuum packed

Embutidos Nejosa

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Data sheet

350 gr
lean pork meat, bacon, pumpkin, potato, onion, salt, cayenne (pimenton) D.O. la Vera, oregano, dextrin, antioxidant (E-301), preservative (E-250)
contains soy and/or derivates, lactose
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
350 gr

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Pumpkin Chorizo

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