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Sweet Fried Chorizo

200 gr
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Buy sweet-grilled chorizo: A fried one to eat with pleasure

If there is one food that is difficult to find outside Spain, it is chorizo for frying. A fresh, lightly fried chorizo ideal for cooking all Spanish stews or a good macaroni, even scrambled eggs. Buy sweet-grill chorizo, a fried chorizo to eat with pleasure. This type of white pork chorizo is a homemade fried chorizo, a must-have in your pantry. It has a long shelf life, but you can also freeze it.

Characteristics of chorizo oreado for cooking:

Fresh chorizo oreado is a big word. This fresh chorizo is made in the province of León, with a perfect balance between fat and lean white pork. It comes in 200 gr. blister pack. The chorizos are loose, preserved in a protected atmosphere. This packaging allows it to have a longer shelf life.

It is a product made with natural casing, so that the skin can be consumed. It is not a cured chorizo, it has been air-dried for less than 4 days.

It is ideal for enjoying a barbecue with friends. Without a doubt, the sweet-grill chorizo will be the star of the event as its delicious flavor will transport you to another planet.

A fresh Asturian chorizo ideal for stews and casseroles:

This fresh chorizo is made from Palcarsa’s cold meats. It could be said that it is an Asturian chorizo, as it is ideal for cooking fabada. When it comes to cooking, not just any chorizo is suitable, a chorizo that is too cured is not suitable. The ideal is to use one chorizo or another depending on the occasion. For this reason, our grilled one is perfect for all kinds of stews, whether they are lentils with chorizo, broad bean or any other recipe.

Ingredients of the sweet-grilled chorizo:

Ingredients: pork, paprika, salt, garlic and oregano.

It is a GLUTEN FREE chorizo, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

Our grilled chorizo oreado is 100% natural, with no added colourings or preservatives and is stuffed in natural pork casing.

If what you are looking for is another type of white chorizo or Iberian one, in our online shop we have a wide variety of chorizos, as well as other products.

This homemade fried chorizo is a big word. A sweet-grilled chorizo perfect to accompany with some good a lo pobre potatoes. This fresh chorizo is made in the province of León, with a perfect balance between fat and lean pork.

If you are looking for another Spanish chorizo we have everything you are looking for. At Gastronomic Spain you have all the types of red-colored chorizo.

The chorizo oreado for frying is difficult to find abroad. Other white pork chorizo such as dry or cured chorizo is easier to find, so make the most of it and eat like in Spain. Delicious.

Sweet-grilled chorizo at a good price:

The sweet-grilled chorizo, or also known as chorizo criollo is special for frying on a griddle. in a barbecue or in a frying pan. Grilled chorizo is made from white pork, paprika, garlic, salt and oregano, all stuffed into a natural pork casing.

Organize a good barbecue with your friends or family, and delight them with a good grilled chorizo. They will be totally delighted, and you will be even more delighted to see them.

The sweet-grilled chorizo will not disappoint any palate, not even the most exquisite.

Sweet-grilled chorizo

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200 gr
pork, paprika, salt, garlic and oregano
does not contain allergens
vacuum packed
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net weight
200 gr

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Sweet Fried Chorizo