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Spanish Apple Cider Trabanco

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Trabanco and its Natural Cider, perfect combination

Trabanco's natural cider, from Asturias, is traditionally made with 100% Asturian apples. It is the typical drink of the Principality of Asturias and is characterised by its good acidity, a sign of its high quality.

This alcoholic drink with a graduation of 6% vol. is acidic and acidulous, bright yellow in colour, good in the mouth with dry tannins and noble flavour, perfect for pouring with friends!

Trabanco's cider is home-grown, 100% natural and fermented with natural yeasts in traditional chestnut wood barrels.

What is Spanish Apple Cider?

Spanish apple cider is an alcoholic beverage typical from Asturias. It is a smooth, high quality beverage, made with selected 100% Asturian apples.

Its characteristic flavor, color and green fruit aromas make this natural cider the perfect product to share with friends and family.

Our apple cider is made with a mix of the best bitter, acidic and sour apples. After pressing, the cider ferments in chestnut barrels where it acquires its great flavor.

This natural cider comes from Trabancos, one of the Spanish firms that offers the best Asturian and natural cider.

Trabancos Cider Tasting Notes

- Apple variety: bitter, sour and acidic.

- Fermentation: at low controlled temperatures in chestnut barrels.

- Color: bright yellow.

- Aroma: complex and dry, with notes of ripe apple and subtle aromatic herbs.

- Flavor: delightful with dry tannins and noble flavor.

- Behavior in glass: when the cider is escanciada the bubbles appear and disappear, whereas the cava always maintains its bubbles.

How to escanciar the apple cider

The cider es very well-known in Spain, not only for its excellent flavor but also for the way it’s drank or poured in the glass, this movement is called escanciar.

Escanciar means pour, spill or serve the bottle contents into a glass. The objective of escanciar cider is to stir and aerate it so that its natural carbon dioxide gas ''wakes up''. Here are the steps to escanciar cider perfectly:

1. Take the bottle of Trobanco cider with your right hand.

2.Take the cider glass with your left hand. The arm should be stretched downwards and in the center of the body, while the position of the fingers should be thumb and index finger embracing the glass and middle finger on the bottom of the glass.

3.Place little finger on the bottom of the bottle and place it horizontally.

4.Raise the arm in an upright position.

5.Start pouring. Make sure that the cider hits the edge of the glass.

6.The stream should be short and cut it with a slight twist of the wrist.

7.Drink and enjoy.

8.Start the process again.

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Enjoy our apple cider accompanied by ham, cold meat or cheese. It’s a great appetizer as well as a refreshing accompaniment for a good lunch or dinner. You can taste now the authentic natural apple cider from Trabanco from anywhere in Europe.

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70 cl.

6% vol.

Format: glass bottle


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70 cl.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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Spanish Apple Cider Trabanco