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Mix for Spanish omelette without onion

660 gr
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Buy Preparation for potatoes omelet without onion:

We offer you a preparation of potato omelet without onion. The potato is poached with sunflower oil and just it has to be strained and add the whisked eggs.

Do you not have time to cook and elaborate great dishes? With this preparation of potato omelet without onion you will enjoy a great Spanish typical dish. Surprise your friendships for all Europe with the best gastronomy of the world. Thanks to Gastronomic Spain, you will enjoy a huge number of authentic products from Spain.

At Gastronomic Spain, we offer you a wide variety of traditional tapas and dishes of the Spanish gastronomy. From Gazpachos Alvalle to seafood cocktail. You have all kinds.

Turn the omelet upside down and enjoy! Enjoy a potato omelet made in a few minutes. Its great taste will convince you.

The preparation for potato omelet has all of you expect from a good omelet and more. The potato omelet is easy to prepare and it is delicious.

Turn the omelet upside down and enjoy this amazing preparation for potato omelet without onion!

The preparation for a potato omelet is the easier way to prepare a delicious and traditional potato omelet.

Our preparation for the potato omelet only has the best ingredients. The potatoes are cut and cooked and only has to add the egg to end the delicious potato omelet. The preparation is 100% natural without colorants nor preservatives added.

We recommend you to spill the content from the jar in a frying pan and lightly heat it up. Thus, it will be easier to strain the oil from the poached potatoes. For a jar of this weight, it is recommended to add 4 or 5 eggs and a little bit of salt.

Ingredients of the preparation for a potato omelet without onion.

The ingredients with which this product is elaborated are:

Potato, sunflower oil (20.8%), olive oil (5.2%) and salt.


Method of preparation:

1. Strain the content from the jar (conserve the oil, it is reused)

2. Whisk the eggs

3. Mix the content from the jar strained with the eggs

4. Put a frying pan and heat it up, put a little bit of oil and add the mix of potato and egg, leave to thicken on a slow burn

5. Turn the omelet upside down and leave that it is cooked on a slow burn in the other side

660 gr net weight

500 gr. drained weight

glass jar

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Data sheet

660 gr
Potato, sunflower oil (20.8%), olive oil (5.2%) and salt.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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net weight
660 gr
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