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Cuetara María Cookies

800 gr
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Cuetara María Cookies

Cuetara María Cookies are our childhood sweet pastries. A cookie company that for generations has been producing these delicious sweets that brighten up breakfasts and afternoon snacks for the whole family.

María biscuit is the name given to a round, toasted shortbread originally from the United Kingdom but very widespread in Europe, part of Asia and Latin America. It is sweet and ideal for taking with milk or mixing with other sweets such as butter, chocolate spreads or jams.

Cuetara María Cookies ingredients:

Wheat flour 66%, vegetable oils of high oleic sunflower and palm, sugar, whey powder, glucose and fructose syrup, raising agents (ammonium and sodium carbonates), salt, emulsifier (lecithin), flavourings, flour treatment agent (sodium metabisulphite). May contain soya and egg.

Has gluten and is therefore, not suitable for coeliacs.

Cuetara María Cookies characteristics:

We offer María cookies by the company Cuetara, in a 800 gr. format and divided into 4 packs of 200 gr. which facilitate its freshness and prevent them from getting wet unnecessarily. They are round, with a diameter of about 6 cm. They are considered thin since they have a thickness of 3-4 mm. It is toasted, with a firm golden crust and a slightly white interior. When eaten on their own, they crunch and crumble in the mouth.

They are perfect to be taken with milk as their consistency, they absorb it well without breaking. It is an affordable, tasty, and sugary biscuit. They are a great treat at any time of the day, and it is almost impossible to eat just one.

Buying Cuetara María Cookies:

Cuetara has been a biscuit manufacturer for generations and has been making top-quality products for generations. Cuetara sweet shortbreads are very difficult to find outside Spain. We offer you a pack of 800 gr. that will take you back to your homeland, even if you are farther away in Europe.

800 gr.


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800 gr
Wheat flour (68%), sugar, palm oil, dairy whey powder, glucose-fructose syrup, raising agents (ammonium carbonates, sodium carbonates), salt, emulsifier: lecithin (contains wheat), flavourings, flour treatment agent (sodium metabisulphite).
Contains wheat, lactose et metabisulphite. May contain soya and egg.
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800 gr.

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Cuetara María Cookies