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Conguitos Chocolate Peanuts

45 gr.
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The Conguitos dark chocolate have been part of our lives since we are little. It is a chocolate bar made of toasted peanuts covered in dark chocolate. A wonderful thing!

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What are the Conguitos dark Chocolate?

Conguitos black chocolate are a type of peanut-filled chocolate candy that is very typical of Spain, like many other Spanish sweets that you can also buy at Gastronomic Spain.

The Conguitos are popular for their delicious flavor among the fusion of roasted peanuts covered in dark chocolate. Its orange container and its small, round shape are the characteristics that make up this chocolate bar so popular in Spain.

If you love conguitos, Gastronomic Spain offers you a wide variety of sweets. From sweet snacks like Tokke chocolate to breakfasts like ensaimada.

Ingredients Conguitos dark chocolate

Roasted peanut covered with dark chocolate: chocolate (40%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, lactose, emulsifier and aroma). Cocoa (43% minimum), roasted peanuts (38%), sugar, glucose syrup, coating agents (E-414, starch, E-904) and coloring (E-171).

May contain traces of nuts and milk. Without gluten.

Origin of the Conguitos: LACASA

The origin of the Conguitos is given by the LACASA brand. A company dedicated to the manufacture of chocolate in all its forms. LACASA was founded in 1852, starting to produce different varieties of chocolates: a cup, nougat or chocolates.

In 1987, LACASA acquired Conguitos and it was the beginning of an era of success and expansion, together with the Lacasitos.

How do you make a Conguito?

You may have wondered how Conguitos are made and why they are so delicious. Gastronomic Spain reveals the secret to you:

1. Toast the peanuts for approximately 20 minutes.

2. They are placed in a drum where they are sweetened.

3. They are introduced into another bowl covered in chocolate.

4. Once bathed, they are marked in letters, numbers and smileys. A differential value that makes them unique.

5. After being marked, the polishing process takes place for about 4 hours.

6. And finally they are packaged in the different formats for later distribution.

Curiosities of the Conguitos brand

• Currently around 20,000 kilos of Conguitos are manufactured per day. This represents more than 4,000 tons per year, that is, millions of Conguitos.

• It is a product suitable for coeliacs due to the absence of gluten.

• The Conguitos brand is ranked number 7 in the Mythical Ads category in Spain.

Buy Conguitos online and savor them from anywhere in Europe

Like the dark chocolate Conguitos there is nothing like it. They are delicious and thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy them from anywhere in Europe. With FREE shipping!

Enjoy the best Spanish food: Iberian ham, sausage, typical dishes, etc. and that your relatives do not envy you from Spain.

45 gr. net weight

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45 gr.
chocolate (40%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, lactose, emulsifier and aroma). Cocoa (43% minimum), roasted peanuts (38%), sugar, glucose syrup, coating agents (E-414, starch, E-904) and coloring (E-171)
Contains lactose. May contain traces of nuts and other dairy products. GLUTEN FREE.
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Conguitos Chocolate Peanuts