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Spanish Ensaimadas Dulcesol

147 gr.
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Dulcesol ensaimadas are round sugary mace buns typical of breakfasts or snacks in Spain. Buy ensaimadas online and don't miss out on good customs.

What are and characteristics of Dulcesol Ensaimadas

Dulcesol ensaimadas are sugary dough buns, fermented and made in the oven with their main ingredients: flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and lard.

The ensaimada is a very typical product of Spain, especially in the breakfasts and snacks of the little ones. It is the perfect complement to accompany a glass of milk or a very fresh horchata.

Without a doubt, the most remarkable characteristic of Dulcesol ensaimadas is the shape of the product. A spiral shape of two or more turns. In addition to being coated with that powdered sugar that leaves them so delicious.

Our product consists of 4 units of Dulcesol ensaimadas. If you are interested in another type of typical Spanish bun, you can consult our extensive catalog.

Dulcesol ensaimadas: a classic spanish bakery bun

Dulcesol ensaimadas are a classic of Spanish gastronomy, especially at our grandmothers' house.

Dulcesol is a brand of buns and pastries that has made a name for itself in all Spanish homes, and has shown this with the ensaimadas.

This company was born in 1964 as a small bakery until today that has become a nationwide pastry shop that continues to provide a wide variety of products in our day to day.

Dulcesol Ensaimadas Ingredients

Bakery product: Wheat flour, sugar, palm fat, lard, glucose and fructose syrup, 2% egg white, yeast, 1% egg, vegetable oils (sunflower, soy) in a variable proportion, salt, emulsifier E-472e, E-471, whey powder, wheat GLUTEN, flavorings and coloring: carotenes.

Ensaimada Recipe:

Ensaimada is a typical recipe for Spanish pastries. A recipe of great tradition. It is mainly made with a sugary dough, so the ensaimada has a certain amount of calories to take into account. Responsible consumption is recommended for this.

We are going to see step by step how the traditional ensaimadas recipe is made:

1. Knead all the ingredients in a food processor (we add the fresh yeast when there are a few minutes to finish mixing).

2. Let stand in a bowl for 20 minutes covered in film.

3. Spread oil or flour (to the consumer's taste) the container in which it is going to be made.

4. Roll out the dough from the center to the sides until a thin layer is obtained.

5. Work the lard in a bowl until you get a creamy white texture.

6. Spread lard on the sheet.

7. We shape the dough by turning in a spiral.

8. Let it ferment in a warm place until it reaches its perfect volume.

9. Bake at 200º C for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

10. Before cooling, dust the surface with icing sugar.

11. Enjoy our homemade ensaimadas.

Difference between Dulcesol ensaimada and ensaimada de Baleares

The difference between Dulcesol ensaimada and Mallorcan ensaimada is clear. Ensaimada de Baleares is protected by the Protected Indication '' Ensaimada de Mallorca ''.

This means that the Mallorcan ensaimada and its certification by the Regulatory Council are responsible for the application and monitoring of regulatory compliance, as well as its quality control. In addition to belonging exclusively to the province of Mallorca.

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Weight: 147 gr. 

4 units individually wrapped in a protective atmosphere.

Keep in a cool, dry place.

Brand: Dulcesol

Manufactured by: Distribuidora Levantina de Pastelería S.L.

Carrer dels Fusters, 21, 46200 Paiporta, Valencia, Spain

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Data sheet

147 gr.
Wheat flour, sugar, palm fat, lard, glucose and fructose syrup, 2% egg white, yeast, 1% egg, vegetable oils (sunflower, soy) in variable proportion, salt, emulsifier E-472e, E-471, whey powder, wheat GLUTEN, flavorings and coloring: carotenes.
Contains wheat, egg and milk. May contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds, soya and/or products thereof.

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Spanish Ensaimadas Dulcesol

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