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Scrambled eggs with surimi and prawns

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Scrambled eggs with surimi and prawns, a delicious Spanish dish

A typical dish from Spain, especially from the north of the peninsula. Our scrambled eggs with surimi and prawns and young garlic are ready to heat up and that's it.

It is prepared with quality ingredients. Peeled and fried prawns. The frayulas are made of white fish surimi and accompanied by cooked and tender garlic sprouts.

Buy Scrambled eggs with surimi and prawns online and enjoy from anywhere in Europe

The special scrambled eggs with surimi and prawns accompanied by garlic sprouts is a very typical Spanish gastronomy tasty mix. You just need to add the eggs so that you have a spectacular dish like the one in the photo.

It is one of the most typical dishes of the north of Spain, as well as many other appetizers and conserves from the sea such as pickled mussels or cooked octopus.

You can enjoy this incredible Spanish dish from anywhere in Europe. Free shipping with orders over € 79.99 or € 89.99, depending on the country.

Surimi and prawn scramble ingredients

Scrambled eggs with surimi, or also known a mix gulas and prawns, is made up of delicious frayulas (gulas), peeled and fried prawns and delicious garlic sprouts.

What are gulas?

The gulas and frayulas are the same product, although it is popularly known as gulas since this name was adopted as a trademark.

The gulas is a food made from pressed fish, also known as surimi of elvers.

How to prepare the surimi and prawn scrambled eggs

Our surimi and shrimp scramble comes in a pot prepared to be heated and ready.

1. Drain the contents of the pot well.

2. Beat eggs according to portions (between 3 and 5 eggs more or less) and add salt to taste.

3. Pour the drained content into a frying pan with a little oil, put on medium heat and add the beaten eggs.

4. Stir well until the egg is done.

5. Serve.

Each of the ingredients that make up the scrambled eggs with frayulas and prawns are top quality.

Typical Spanish Christmas dish

The delicious scrambled eggs with gulas and prawns is a very typical Spanish Christmas dish. Even so, it is consumed throughout the year and Gastronomic Spain wants to bring happiness transformed into food to any corner of Europe.

If you want to impress your European friends with a good Spanish tapa, as in bars, do not hesitate to serve this scrambled eggs with prawns. In addition to preparing your scrambled eggs with this mixture, you can use it in any other way.

2 - 3 servings

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