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Special Mix for Scrambled Eggs

330 gr
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The Special Mix for Scrambled Eggs are prawns, fish surimi and garlic sprouts. This tasty mix is very popular in tapas places all over Spain.

Our Special Mix for Scrambled Eggs is made with quality ingredients. The prawns are peeled and fried. The small and thin fish surimi are made of surimi of white fish. And the garlic sprouts are cooked and tender.

With our Special Mix for Scrambled Eggs you can pimp your scrambled eggs the easy way. Besides of preparing your scrambled eggs with this mix you can run free your imagination and get creative while cooking.

2 - 3 portions
330 gr.
180 gr. net

1. drain the content of the jar
2. scramble eggs according to portions (about 3 to 5 eggs) and add salt to taste
3. give the drained content of the jar with some oil into a frying pan, put it on medium heat and add the scrambled eggs
4. move well until the eggs are done
5. serve

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330 gr
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Special Mix for Scrambled Eggs