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Orange Blossom Honey

250 gr
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Buying Orange blossom honey

Orange Blossom Honey, also known as orange tree honey, is now available at Gastronomic Spain at an incredible price and excellent quality. Orange blossom honey is harvested 100% in Spain, has first class nutritional values and is more than delicious.

Enjoy your breakfasts or snacks with an orange taste. Your day will be more positive and cheerful.

Taste the typical Spanish product from anywhere in Europe. Thanks to Gastronomic Spain you have the opportunity to eat as if you were in Spain as it has more than 900 traditional products of Spanish cuisine. In addition, it has shipping all over Europe.

Miel d’Oranger characteristics

Honey is a natural sweet that is routinely used in our daily lives, it is a totally natural and very healthy substitute for sugar. We offer you the best quality orange blossom honey, it comes in a 250 gr. glass jar. It is an orange blossom honey of Spanish origin. As it could not be otherwise, we offer different honeys of Spanish origin, of a great flavour, a fluid and liquid texture. It has a bright golden colour and a sweet taste in the mouth, it is not cloying. It has the characteristic taste of honey, although it shows different nuances and orange tree aroma. 

It is becoming increasingly popular to use honey instead of sugar in various homemade desserts. Also at breakfast, whether you drink milk or even coffee, use honey to sweeten. Spanish honey is one of the most highly valued honeys in Europe. The quality standards of the European Union, together with the techniques used to dilute honey in many Asian countries, mean that this type of honey is much lower than honey of Spanish origin.

Differences between orange blossom honey and orange tree honey:

Orange blossom honey and orange tree honey are the same type of honey. Orange blossom is the name given to the orange blossom from which the pollen is obtained to make honey. It is colloquially called orange blossom honey, as it is a more commercial name and conveys more clearly the aroma and nuances that this honey will have.

Enjoy your breakfasts or snacks with orange savor. Your day will be more positive and cheerful.

Do not let distance be an excuse to eat like at home!

250 gr. net weight

Glass jar

La Reina del Bosque

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250 gr
Miel de azahar (50%), miel milflores (50%).
Reina del Bosque

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Orange Blossom Honey