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Fried Ham Strips

100 gr
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The Fried Ham Strips are typical appetisers in the Spanish gastronomy. The tasty and crunchy fried ham strips are concretely the pigskin and are artisanally made.

Their size, great flavour and crunchy texture form this product of great quality that is so popular in Spain. The Fried Ham Strops are a Spanish product that goes back centuries.

Our Fried Ham Strips are made in the oven, fried with their own fat. This makes them very crunchy and they contain less fat. The Fried Ham Strips are totally natural, without added colourings or preservatives.

Fried Ham Strips Ingredients

Fried Ham Strips, refined high oleic sunflower oil, lard and salt.

It contains traces of peanuts, mustard, fish, nuts, soya, gluten, sesame and sulfites.

Fried Ham Strips Properties:

The Fried Ham Strips have many properties. Among them, they are rich in protein and fat. It is also important to mention that they do not contain carbohydrates , so they are perfect to carry a healthy diet.

Differences between the Fried Ham Strips and Torreznos

To differentiate the Fried Ham Strips and the Torreznos, we need to take into account that the Fried Ham Strips are a part of the torrezno, it is the fried pigskin, which results in a crunchy product.

The torreznos, contrarily, have the characteristic crunchy of the strips but they have a tender and juicy touch of fat.

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Enjoy our Fried Ham Strips as an appetiser and substitutor of the classical chips. Undoubtedly, if we add a soda or a fresh beer to these fried ham strips, it will be spectacular.

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100 gr
Fried Ham Strips, refined high oleic sunflower oil, lard and salt.
May contain traces of peanuts, mustard, fish, nuts, soy, gluten, sesame, and sulfites.

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Fried Ham Strips