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Pack 24 Aguila Unfiltered Beer

24 x 33 cl
In stock

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Get ready to relive history with every sip! Pack 24 Aguila Unfiltered Beer or Aguila sin Filtar is more than a Lager beer; it's a journey back in time to the heart of brewing traditions. Inspired by the original recipe from 1900, this 5.5% vol. alc. gem is a true celebration of heritage and authentic taste.

What kind of beer is Aguila Unfiltered Beer?

The Aguila Unfiltered Beer is a special Lager beer. It gets his great taste thanks to the yeast in suspension, the result of a low fermentation process that makes it slightly cloudy and surprisingly refreshing. The special beer Aguila Unfiltered Beer is distinguished by its full body and freshness, a perfect balance that caresses the palate and awakens the senses.

But what really makes it special is the lemondrop hops, a masterful touch that gives this Lager a unique character, full of nuances and an unmistakable personality. Each can is a small treasure that holds the soul of a time when quality and passion for beer were the essence of every sip.

How to enjoy Aguila Unfiltered Beer?

And here comes the best kept secret: before serving, turn the can upside down, without shaking, to "wake up" the yeast. This simple gesture transforms every pour into a ritual, linking the past with the present, and ensuring that every sip is full of life and flavour.

Where to buy Pack 24 Aguila sin Filrtar Unfiltered Beer?

At Gastronomic Spain we know that good living and good drinking know no frontiers. That's why we send Pack 24 Aguila Unfiltered Beer directly to your door, anywhere in Europe, with free shipping. Because we believe that everyone deserves to try this masterpiece, a beer that you don't just drink, you live.

Don't wait any longer to give your moments a twist. With Aguila Unfiltered Beer, every encounter becomes a celebration of tradition, flavour and friendship. Ready to let the story flow?

Special Lager Beer Pack 24 Aguila Unfiltered Beer

Weight: 7.92 l (24 x 33 cl)

5.5% vol. alc.

Format: pack of 24 cans

Brand: El Águila

Produced by: Heineken España S.A.

Av. de Andalucía 1, Seville, Spain

El Águila
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Data sheet

24 x 33 cl
water, barley malt, corn, hops and yeast.
Contains Gluten.
El Águila

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Pack 24 Aguila Unfiltered Beer