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Cantabrian Boquerones 400 gr.

400 gr.
In stock

Cantabrian Boquerones 400gr. at a fair price

Cantabrian anchovies of 400gr. that we have available in Gastronomic Spain are top quality and at an incredible price. This 400gr. net weight tub of anchovies is a very popular appetizer in Spain and thanks to the incredible combination of the bocarte (anchovy) and its pairing based on olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Buy this magnificent tapa of Cantabrian boquerones (bar snack of Cantabrian anchovies) in a tub and enjoy the authentic Spanish flavour from anywhere in Europe.

Why are Cantabrian boquerones so successful as an appetizer?

The Cantabrian boquerones are part of the most popular Spanish appetizers and tapas, acclaimed by anyone who loves gastronomy.

It is a fish very similar to the sardine, but smaller, which abounds in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in part of the Atlantic Ocean and Cantabrian Sea. Gastronomically and economically speaking, anchovies are a very important dish in Spain.

Our anchovies come from the Cantabrian Sea, as its name indicates. The Cantabrian coast is known as the preserve of the best anchovy in Spain, also known as bocarte. As it is a product of scarce fishing, its prices are elevated, although at Gastronomic Spain we offer you the best offers so that you can enjoy this product and many other seafood appetizers at the best price.

It is a typical food from Spain that is acclaimed for:

• It is a small appetizer whose loins are thick and meaty.

• Those loins are marinated in vinegar, olive oil and salt. In addition, you can add garlic and parsley to make them more impressive.

• It is considered as a special tapa for the hottest months.

• In addition, it can be combined with other types of pickles such as olives or mussels.

• As if that was not enough, they are more than delicious, they are a great source of protein and a large quantity of vitamins.

Are you interested in buying Cantabrian Boquerones in a 400gr. format online and at the best price?

As you well know, Cantabrian anchovies are a very popular product in Spain, but rare outside of the country. Gastronomic Spain helps you to buy 400gr. Cantabrian anchovies and make an excellent Spanish dish, with its respective tapeo and appetizers, as vermouth and its traditional coffee and dessert.

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400 gr.
Anchovies, sunflower oil, olive oil, water, vinegar (sulphites) and salt
Contains fish
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Cantabrian Boquerones 400 gr.