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White Asparagus Extra

390 gr
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The white asparagus extra, with P.G.I. Navarra, is a product of the highest quality. The asparagus are tender and very tasty, as well as being large in size.

The best from the orchard of Navarre. The white asparagus extra, with P.G.I. Navarra, are thick and very tasty. Our white asparagus extra are of the best quality and ready to eat.

Our white asparagus extra grow under optimal conditions in the region of Navarra. After harvesting, they are peeled by hand to preserve their integrity. The white asparagus extra are naturally preserved with water, salt, and citric acid. The asparagus are thick, Ivory-white in colour and they have a characteristic flavour.

Enjoy with our white asparagus extra because they are a high-quality product. They are perfect to eat as a starter or to add to a salad.

Asparagus from Navarra Ingredients

The ingredients of these Protected Designation of Origin asparagus are: asparagus, water, salt, and acidifier (E-330)

This product does not contain any allergens. It is gluten free, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

White Asparagus Extra characteristics

The white asparagus extra are asparagus of exceptional quality. Thick asparagus grown in Navarra and with the quality certificate awarded by the P.G.I. Asparagus from Navarra. These asparagus are peeled and cooked, preserved in salted water. They weigh 500gr. And they are packed in a tin to prolong their life.

They are whole asparagus, between 1 and 2 cm thick and between 15 and 20 cm long. They are pale white in colour, a uniform colour throughout the asparagus. In the part of the bud, a soft and a delicate texture is visible to the naked eye, the fibers of the asparagus stalk can be identified. In the mouth, it has a soft texture easy to digest and with a delicious flavour. A robust asparagus, with an appetising presence and unbeatable quality.

These asparagus can be eaten as they are, without the need of cooking them. It can be integrated into other dishes such as salads, or hard-boiled eggs, tuna and pickles. Once opened, make sure that the asparagus is covered by the liquid in the package.

White asparagus extra can be found all over Europe, most of them come from China, however, asparagus like these are very rare and difficult to find. We offer you the best products of Spanish gastronomy so that you can enjoy the Spanish food that you love the most anywhere in Europe.

6 - 8 pcs.

390gr. Net weight

250gr. drained weight


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Data sheet

390 gr
asparagus, water, salt, acidifier: citric acid
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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White Asparagus Extra