White Asparagus Extra

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The best of the Navarran orchard.

The White Asparagus Extra, with I.G.P.* Navarra, are of big size and very tasty. Our White Asparagus Extra are best quality and ready to eat.

6 – 8 pcs.
390 grs.

The White Asparagus Extra, with I.G.P.* Navarra, are a high quality product. The Asparagus are tender and very tasty besides of big size.

Our White Asparagus Extra grow under optimum conditions in the region of Navarra. After the recollection the asparagus are peeled by hand to preserve their integrity. The White Asparagus Extra are preserved naturally with water, salt and citric acid. The Asparagus are big size, they have an ivory white colour and the distinctive taste.

Enjoy with our White Asparagus Extra a great product of best quality. They are perfect as a starter or in a salad.

6 – 8 pcs.
390 gr.
250 gr. net

  • Ingredients: asparagus, water, salt, acidifier: citric acid
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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