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Rovellon Mushrooms

290 gr
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Rovellon mushrooms, a Delicious canned dish

For those who have tried them, a very authentic mushroom, such are the rovellones by La Fragua, also known as níscalo or rebollón and its scientific name Lactarius deliciousus. It is a very common fungus in Spain and highly appreciated in its gastronomy. It is normally consumed roasted, stewed or as a complement to meat stews to give it a delicious flavour.

The rovellones are of a superior category and have a characteristic flavour. The mushrooms come already chopped for greater ease when preparing the dishes.

What are the Rovellones? Also known as Níscalo or Rebollón

Our rovellones are top-quality, superior category. It is a medium-large mushroom, with a hat, and highly appreciated in the gastronomy. The rovellón has a brown orange colour. Its meat is dense and compact and gives off a mild sweet smell. Its flavour is fine and slightly sweet, perfect to accompany meat stews.

This mushroom with scientific name Lactarius deliciosus is very common in Spain, especially in the gastronomic culture. It grows between pine forests and forests, and blooms in autumn.

It is a dish with a spectacular flavour that can be served as a main dish or as a side dish. Check our catalogue of traditional dishes from Spain.

Rovellones mushrooms characteristics

The rebollones (robellones or níscalos) live forming mycorrhizae (symbiosis between a plant and the roots) with various conifers, it is collected in the autumn season by means of knives and cutting the stem. It is common to use a wicker basket or similar for its collection. Plastic bags are not allowed as the spores do not fall out.

This fungus is characterized by:

• Its main characteristic is the orange brown colour.

• The foot is hollowed out and short.

• Granular structure.

• The hat has a size between 4 and 16 cm. in diameter and has concentric circles of reddish and pale tones. In its youth it is coiled and, in its aging, it flattens to evolve into a funnel shape.

• The meat is dense and compact.

• Mild and sweet smell.

• When you cut it, it releases orange latex.

• The culinary assessment is different depending on the land that is applied.

The rebollones are processed with the greatest care to maintain all their flavour. They are chopped and preserved naturally, without added colourings or preservatives. They come from La Fragua and it is a canned dish of 290gr. Net weight.

Rovellones mushrooms by La Fragua ingredients

Lactarius deliciosus, water, acidifiers: E-330, antioxidant: E-300 and salt.

GLUTEN FREE product.

Culinary uses of the Rovellones or Níscalos

Our rovellones are the ideal ingredient for stews or as a pairing to meat and fish. Their fine and discret flavour as well as their fleshiness make them so versatile and popular. But we must take into account its delicacy.

One of the recipes to acquire all its maximum flavour is to cook the rovellones with garlic or make a stew of rovellones with potatoes. Impressive!

Other well-known options are the rovellones with broken eggs or taste them as homemade tapenade.

What is crystal clear is that it is a delicious dish and very good for your health.

Benefits of the Rovellones mushrooms

The consumption of rovellones is recommended since they provide us with countless benefits such as minerals and vitamins, without forgetting that their caloric content is very low.

1. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and B5, as well as fiber, iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

2. Helps lower cholesterol because it does not contain fats.

3. Activates the intestinal movement due to its fiber content.

4. Ideal for pregnant woman and children: they help the development in the growing age.

5. Eliminate stress and headaches.

6. Activates the defenses by B3 vitamins.

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290gr. net weight

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La Fragua


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290 gr
Lactarius deliciosus, water, salt, acidifiers: citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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Rovellon Mushrooms