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The Borage is cooked naturally and comes from the Riojan garden. Its rich flavor, slightly bitter, makes it ideal to combine with sauces based on nuts, such as almonds or simple boiled with potatoes.

What is Borage?

Borage is as unknown as it is loved. It is a very common vegetable in the areas of Navarra and Aragon.

It is a type of vegetable that begins to be cultivated at the beginning of autumn and is harvested at the beginning of the first. Reason why, both in winter and in spring, the plant is in its maximum splendor.

Borage is a plant that belongs to the Borageenan family. A type of plant that is characterized by growing easily and being resistant to adverse weather conditions.

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Nutritional characteristics of borage Leaves

Borage leaves is characterized by being a vegetable with a low energy value, approximately 21 kcl / 100gr. Its nutritional characteristics are very important since it is around 90% water in its total weight.

1. Minerals: borage stands out for its high iron content. A vital component for the functioning of the body.

2. Vitamins: vitamin C is the one found in the highest proportion followed by vitamin A.

Among its other characteristics, we highlight the dark green color and its large size, around 30 and 130 cm. In addition, its flavor is very soft on the palate and the medicinal properties are excellent for our body.

Borage and its properties, including medicinal uses

The medicinal properties and uses of borage are from another planet. Some of its benefits are:

1. Relieves cough.

2. Helps reduce fever.

3. Eliminate gases.

4. Improves colds and colds.

5. Accelerates wound healing.

6. It is beneficial during menopause.

7. It is recommended to use for emotional fatigue and melancholy.

8. Use not advised against during pregnancy.

Without a doubt, borage is a type of vegetable that is very beneficial for our health, in addition to being delicious and being part of those foods that help us maintain a balanced diet

How to cook borage plant

Our canned borage La Fragua is cooked naturally, with no added colorings or preservatives. The part of the borage that we are going to use is called stalk or leaves. This part of the borage plant is surrounded by a pointed fluff. It is essential to wash well. It is made in a traditional way taking care of the raw material and controlling the ideal cooking point. It comes in pieces of about 4 - 5 cm, ready to eat.

In addition, it is characterized by being a good combination with sauces based on nuts, such as almond or pine nut sauce.

On the other hand, borage plant forms a perfect tandem with seafood, for example prawns or mussels. It also combines perfectly with salads or in the more traditional way boiled with potatoes.

Borage recipes and their combinations can be endless ... You just have to get down to work!

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660 gr
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