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660 gr
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The cooked Borage comes directly from the Riojan Orchard. It is a winter vegetable, very versatile and it has a great, slightly bitter, taste.

Our Borage is cooked naturally, without colourings or preservatives added. It is traditionally prepared by takeing care of every step and boiling it to the perfect point. Our Borage is cut into pieces of 4 - 5 cm, ready to eat.

The Borage, because of its slightly bitter taste, goes very well with nut based sauces just like almond or pine. Besides it is very taste with seafood like shrimps or mussels. Or you can have it the traditional way: with boiled potatoes and olive oil, simple but tasty.

660 gr.
400 gr. drained

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Data sheet

660 gr
Borage, water, salt, acidifer: citric acid
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.

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