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The toasted egg yolk nougat is, without a doubt, one of the most delicious and popular Spanish nougat in the Iberian Peninsula, especially from Catalan gastronomy, since it comes from it.

This incredible yolk nougat is a kind of marzipan that is only made in Spain, so if you want to enjoy the authentic flavor of roasted egg yolk nougat from anywhere in Europe. And with FREE shipping!

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Toasted Yolk Nougat Sugar Free

Price €4.81
200 gr

What is it and characteristics of toasted egg yolk nougat

The toasted eeg yolk nougat is one of the classics among Spanish Christmas sweets. Toasted egg yolk nougat originates from Catalan cuisine, where it was created to take advantage of "wasted" yolks when making hard or soft nougat. In addition, the toasted egg yolk nougat was made based on the Catalan cream recipe.

Without a doubt, it is a star nougat among the assortment of Spanish nougat that we enjoy during Christmas. The toasted yolk nougat is characterized by its soft texture thanks to the egg used, its orange color and its thin layer of burnt sugar on top that gives it the perfect touch.

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Egg yolk nougat ingredients

The basic and essential ingredients to make the toasted yolk nougat are: ground almond, egg yolk and sugar.

Homemade egg yolk nougat recipe

If you are a true chef and you dare to try homemade toasted egg yolk nougat, Gastronomic Spain brings you the step-by-step recipe for you to delight your guests this Christmas:

1. First, we separate the yolks and reserve them in a bowl.

2. In another container, mix the previously ground almonds with a little cinnamon and lemon zest.

3. Next, put the sugar with water in a saucepan until boiling between 114º and 115º (soft ball point). And we remove from the fire.

4. Add a stream of syrup to the egg yolks and mix both ingredients. Beat until the mixture reaches room temperature and a thick, whitish paste (similar to meringue) is obtained.

5. It is time to add the ground almonds and mix at low speed to obtain a homogeneous paste.

6. On the other hand, we line the mold to be used with baking paper.

7. We distribute the mixture in the mold and press so that there are no gaps.

8. Let the homemade yolk nougat rest for 12 hours out of the refrigerator (well covered so that it does not dry out).

9. Finally, remove the nougat from the mold, add powdered sugar and burn it with a blowtorch as a final touch.

10. If you want, you can add cinnamon on top to taste.