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Organic Quince Meat

350 gr
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Buy Organic Quince Meat with sugar cane

Buy the best Organic Quince Meat. Our quince meat is classified as Fair Trade, that is to say, an equitable trade promoted by the United Nations, just as social movements as pacifism and ecologism. The main objective of the Fair Trade is to achieve the sustainable and tenable development of the supply.

The organic quince meat is sweet quince, also known as ‘codoñate’, ‘membrillate’, ‘ate’ or crushed quince. It is a sweet prepared from the quince fruit. The quince meat is ideal to accompany your favourite dishes and to season them.

The quince meat, also known as quince jam, is delicious and you can prepare tons of recipes with the organic quince meat, because this product goes well with everything.

Besides the ecological quince meat, we also have available at Gastronomic Spain another ecological or organic products, such as the organic chickpeas or the vegan chorizo (also known as Calabizo). But if you are interested in more traditional products, there is a huge special catalogue for you. Check our online shop.

Organic Quince Meat Ingredients

The ingredients of the ecological quince meat are: 60% quince* and 40% sugar cane*. *They come from the organic farming.

It is a gluten free product, so it is suitable for coealiacs.

Organic quince meat or Quince jam 100% BIO

Our flesh of quince is 100% organic and natural. Made by 60% quince and 40% sugar cane. A product that belongs to the organic farming.

The organic quince meat is perfect to pair your favourite dishes, just as seasoning. Moreover, the quince meat is considered a vegan product and it is also suitable for coeliacs.

Try our organic quince jelly and surprise your guests. Making flesh of quince is easy but saving yourself some time buying this quince meat prepared and vacuum packed (also called quince jam) at Gastronomic Spain is a better option.

Organic Quince Meat characteristic with the true organic flavour:

The organic quince meat is a gel-like sweet, made with organic ingredients. It has a consistent texture due to the fact that the quince is a very hard fruit and when it is candied with sugar this texture gives rise to a very solid jelly. Unlike some jams, that have a creamier and spreadable texture. It is a quince jam that does not spread easily, you need a knife to cut it and the truth is that is delicious.

It has a firm texture, a homogeneous colour and a sweet and delicate flavour in the mouth. Sacesa offers us the best quality organic quince meat, rich and with a solid texture that goes well with many ingredients, such as cheeses, meats and sweets. It weighs 350gr. and it comes in a plastic tupper.

*From Gastronomic Spain we recommend keeping the organic quince meat in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated

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350 gr

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Organic Quince Meat