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Dried Figs

400 gr.
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Dried figs are the fruit of the fig tree itself. Since it is a dried fruit, it can be consumed all year round, otherwise figs can only be consumed between July and September, when they are harvested.

They are very typical during the Christmas holidays in Spain, but thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy them all year round and from anywhere in Europe. Buy dried figs online with FREE shipping.

What are Dried Figs?

Dried figs are the dried fruit of the fig tree. The fig tree is a fruit tree with smooth, grayish bark and large, green leaves. This tree has always been linked to the Mediterranean and it bears figs as fruits.

Our figs are dried, which means that the fruit has gone through a drying process which allows it to be consumed throughout the year. If figs are not dried or dehydrated, they can only be consumed during the months of July, August and September, their harvest season.

The dried figs presented by the Frit Ravich abrand are covered with rice flour and are a GLUTEN FREE product.

Properties of Dried Figs Frit Ravich

The properties of dried figs are the following:

High iron content: a portion of 60 gr. contains 1.3 mg. of iron, an essential element for transporting oxygen in the blood.

- Reduction of blood pressure: calcium, magnesium and potassium, which work to ensure that muscles and nerves function properly. 

- Strong bones: great source of calcium, necessary for bone growth and health, as well as reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis. 

Benefits of Dried Figs

In addition to all the properties mentioned above, all dried figs also provide us with numerous benefits: Among them: 

  1. Metabolic and digestive health, since they facilitate intestinal transit and have a preventive effect on diseases such as colon cancer. 
  2. Beneficial for the skin. It provides a compound called psoralen that is successfully used in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Buy Dried Figs online and enjoy this dehydrated fruit from anywhere in Europe

Dried figs are typical of Spain and it is very likely that they cannot be found outside of it. Now, thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy this incredible fruit from anywhere in Europe

Typical of Christmas parties or as a snack food, dried or dehydrated figs are delicious, sweet and spectacular on the palate. Buy them at Gastronomic Spain and enjoy FREE shipping. 

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400 gr.
Dried figs and rice flour.
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Dried Figs