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With our powder for Curd you can prepare easily homemade desserts. The Curd can be served with some honey or nuts and dry fruits.

16 portions

4 envelopes (4 portions/envelope)
48 grs.

With our powder for Curd you can prepare easily your tasty, homemade Curd. The Curd is a very popular desert in Spain, especially in the North of the country.

Enjoy a good homemade dessert with our powder for curd. Add sugar, honey, nuts or dry fruits to add the sweet taste to this great dairy.

16 portions
4 envelopes of 12 gr.
48 gr.

Preparation mode (for 4 portions):
1. heat half a liter of milk, separate one cup of tempered milk and dissolve the content of one envelope (12 gr.) of curd
2. when the rest of the milk is about to boil put it on low flame and add the mix, move well until it starts to boil
3. pour the mix into the 4 bowls you are going to serve the curd
4. put them into the fridge for at least 4 hours until it gets the firm consistence
5. serve it with sugar, honey, nuts or dry fruits

  • Ingredients: corn starch, fructose, gelling (E-407), thickener (E-410), rennet and curd aroma
  • Allergens: can contain milk

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