Cola Cao

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How many?

The one and only, the original.

The Cola Cao is a tasty cocoa powder. Irrespective of your age the original Cola Cao always tastes like in your childhood.

400 gr.

The Cola Cao, the original, is a cocoa powder that it is perfect to dissolve in milk. The rich and unique taste makes it unmatched.

Our Cola Cao is the original, the one you had in your childhood, with its distinct taste.

Give two teaspoons of Cola Cao in some milk, mix it very well and fill the glass up with milk: your perfect Cola Cao is ready!

400 gr.

  • Ingredients: sugar, skimmed cocoa powder, cereal cream of malted kola (wheat flour, barley malt extract, natural aroma: kola nut extract), mineral salts (calcium, phosphor), aromas, salt
  • Allergens: contains gluten, can contain milk

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