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Do you know which is the quintessential Spanish nougat? Indeed, Suchard's nougat is in the first position among Christmas sweets.

So delicious, so irresistible and with that characteristic golden wrapper, Suchard nougat is always part of the Christmas assortments that welcome family and friends during these important holidays.

Discover the different Suchard nougats that we have at Gastronomic Spain and enjoy our FREE shipping throughout Europe.

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What is Suchard's nougat?

As we well know, Spanish nougats are the typical sweets offered at Christmas lunches and dinners. But if we talk about nougat, we are talking about Suchard nougat, the authentic and unique Christmas sweet typical of Spain.

In Spain, nougats are a classic. They are usually made with almonds or toasted yolk, but Suchard's nougat breaks with the traditional barrier and brings its most popular nougat among children, young and old: puffed rice and chocolate nougat. A delight!

Without a doubt, having a piece of Suchard's nougat is like being at home again, remembering our childhood and feeling our own very closely.

Not only can you find the mythical rice and milk chocolate nougat, there are also more Suchard products and variety that you can enjoy from anywhere in Europe, so that your Christmas miles from home have a Spanish touch.

And as if that were not enough, you also have other types of Christmas sweets available that are mission impossible to find outside of Spain and that thanks to Gastronomic Spain you will be able to savor again.

Different types of Suchard nougat

It is true that the most typical Suchard nougat is the one made with puffed rice and milk chocolate, but there are other types of Suchard that triumph wherever they are. Do you want to know which Suchard nougats we mean?

Suchard chocolate and almond nougat

Almonds are very typical in Spanish nougat, that's why Suchard and Gastronomic Spain offer you this delicious chocolate and almond nougat. A fusion between milk chocolate and whole almonds that leaves us with our mouths open.

Oreo Suchard Nougat

The novelty that drives us crazy. This is the Oreo Suchard nougat. A combination between one of the tastiest nougats with the integration of Oreo cookies. What a connection!

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