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Cooked Ear

500 gr.
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In Spain there is a saying, del cerdo se comen hasta los andares, which means you eat everything from the pork. Our cooked ear is a clear example of this. In Spain there are typical dishes that are unthinkable for the rest of Europe. Offal products that are a real delicacy.

We offer this pork ear already cooked, chopped and vacuum packed. It’s necessary to cook it, the best option is grilled or in a frying pan. If you have been living outside Spain for a long time, you will know how difficult it is to find some of these Spanish products.

This in particular is an artisan product difficult to find even in Spain. It is a product easy to prepare since it comes chopped and previously cooked, so in a few minutes you can have a perfect tapa.

Cooked ear qualities

The pork ear is a product considered "casquería" (offal) product. However, it’s still a real delicacy. It’s a product produced in a traditional way by the company Qalat from Teruel, which for several generations has been elaborating with care and affection different sausages and typical dishes of the province of Teruel.

The cooked pork ear is cut into pieces with the shape of a dice, and have a dimension of 3 and 5 cm. It weighs 500 gr. It’s vacuum packed to prolong its life. When it comes to cooking the pig's ear, cleaning and cooking it is the most laborious task, as it comes pre-cooked, its preparation is really fast.

You only have to warm it up a little bit with abundant oil, in a deep fryer, frying pan. It’s important that the outside has a crispy texture and acquires a slightly toasted brown color. Inside it will have a soft texture and not chewy.

Surprisingly, it has a very pleasant flavor. We advise you to make "majada" of garlic and parsley with extra virgin olive oil and add it once the ear is fried.

Artisan Pork Ear from Qalat.

Our pork ear comes from an artisanal producer. Elaborated as yeteryear but taking advantage of new technologies to prolong its life. Qalat is a company located in Calamocha, province of Teruel. They elaborate typical products of the area such as "orza" meat and "morro cocido" especially for Gastronomic Spain. It has the certification and the seal of "rural quality" of Jiloca Gallocanta.

Cooked ear ingredients

Ingredients: pork ear, salt, sugars, preservatives E-252 and E-250, antioxidants E-300.

It is a product that does not contain any allergens, gluten free product so it is suitable for coeliacs.

500 gr. Net weight (aproximate)

Vacuum packed


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500 gr.
pork ear, salt, sugars, preservatives E-252 and E-250, antioxidants E-300.

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Cooked Ear