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brandada Cod stew

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Buy Brandada cod stew, a delicious dish ideal for toast

One of the best products ideal for spreading on toast, preparing with boiled potatoes or stuffed peppers is now available. ‘Brandada de Bacalao’ is a dish whose main ingredients are cod and olive oil. This delicious brandada dish is very common along the Mediterranean coast, although in provinces such as La Mancha it is also very common, but it is called ‘atascaburras’.

There are countless recipes for brandade cod stew, as many as the chef desires. Cod brandade is usually made with potatoes, although it can also be combined with prawns or cod brandade with peppers. Enjoy this delicious cod product thanks to Gastronomic Spain, as well as having a wide range of pâtés to make delicious toasts.

Brandada cod stew, a typical dish from the Mediterranean Sea

Brandada de Bacalao’ is a typical dish eaten in the Mediterranean Sea arch, although its popularity and delicacy has spread throughout Spain. In La Mancha, for example, there is a similar traditional dish called ‘atascaburras’. Brandade is a dish whose main ingredients are cod and olive oil.

Brandada cod stew consists of a crushed emulsion in which the lightly boiled cod and olive oil are added. This delicious recipe for home-made brandade is usually eaten with toasted bread, boiled potatoes or even peppers stuffed with this delicious product.

Brandada cod stew ingredients:

These are the ingredients used: cod (50%), lactose-free milk, olive and sunflower oil, potato starch, soya protein, corn dextrin, garlic, salt, spices, E331 and E202.

Brandada cod stew characteristics:

The brandada cod stew is a cod and potato spread that is eaten cold. We present a cod brandade made by Angomar, a Valencian company that produces high quality seafood dishes, such as our seafood ‘salpicón’, ‘mojama’, English seafood loin, among others. It has a weight of 100gr. presented in a thermosealed plastic plate, ideal for eating anywhere.

It is an ideal product to eat in summer, it has a homogeneous mixture of all the ingredients, it is easy to spread and has a delicate flavour in the mouth. We recommend to eat it with peppers, toast or bread.

Instructions for use: remove the plastic packaging and gratinate in the oven or microwave until the surface is golden brown.

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brandada Cod stew