Orujo Schnapps

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Magic potions from the land of witches.

The Orujo Schnapps is craft liquor made following the Galician tradition. This Schnapps has a fine and complex taste and stands out for its great quality.

70 cl.
40% vol.

The Orujo is craft schnapps made following the traditional Galician recipe. It is distillated out of the leftover pulp, seeds and stems of the grapes after the extraction of the juice.

The Orujo Schnapps presents a clean, transparent and brilliant colour. The characteristic aromas and the fine and complex taste convert it into high quality liquor.

Our Orujo Schnapps puts the perfect final point to meals and dinners. Its refined taste and its great quality convince even the most demanding palates.

70 cl.
40% vol.

  • Ingredients: grape pulp, skin, seeds and tales
  • Allergens: contains sulphites

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