Miss Tela

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A delicate flower that cheers the desert up.

The Miss Tela is liquor made of moscatel grapes. This sweet and balanced liquor is perfect to have as appetizer as well as desert.

75 cl.
15% vol.

The Miss Tela, from Valencia, is liquor from moscatel grapes. This liquor is made with grape juice, without pressurizing the grapes, and wine alcohol. The result is a mistela, that's how this liquor is called, with a balanced, fine and sweet taste.

The Miss Tela presents an amber colour with toasted shades. The aromas are fine, elegant and citric notes of orange peel and orange blossom highlight. On the tongue the mistela has a balanced acidity; it is soft, fresh and nice with a moderated sweetness and a slightly floral ending.

We recommend to enjoy the Miss Tela as appetizer or desert. Together with foie or cheese it is especially charming.

Winery: Antonio Arráez

serve between 4º - 6ºC
75 cl.
15% vol.

  • Ingredients: moscatel de Alexandria
  • Allergens: contains sulphites

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